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Item 123140    
Singapore Old Real Photo Postcard Chinese Funeral Procession Bikes Bicycle Band

Vintage Singapore Malaya Malay Real Photo Photograph Picture Postcard. Straits Settlements - Ethnic Life - China Chinese Funeral Procession. Bicycle. Bicycles. Music Band. Palm Trees.

Item 121907    
New Zealand Old UB Postcard BUSH ROAD Hokitika, BICYCLE

Vintage Undivided Back Postcard. South Island. Bush Road, Man with Bicycle, Hokitika, N.Z. Published by J. King Series

Item 121802    
MABEL LUCIE ATTWELL Old Postcard On TANDEM BICYCLE Hope to See More of You 5500

MABEL LUCIE ATTWELL Vintage Artist Signed Comic Humour Picture Postcard, Genuine Mabel Lucie Attwell Postcards Have the Artist's Signature thus. Children. Little Boy & Girl riding Tandem Bicycle. Bike. Cycling. Sport. Hoping to see something more of you soon ! No. 5500. Published by Valentine ATTWELL Series

Item 119376    
Winnipeg 1923 Old Postcard Empire Hotel Union Station Tram Railway Train Station

Canada Vintage Colour Old Canadian Postcard. Manitoba - Man. Winnipeg. Train Station, Railway Station. The Empire Hotel and Union Station, Main Street. Cyclist. Trams. Tramway. Dog. (Have Postal Address on All Stationery). Sent from Winnipeg Man. to Belfast. KGV 2c
Published by Valentine & Sons

Item 118911    
Lebanon 1926 Old Postcard Beyrouth Rue du Commerce TRAM

Middle East Vintage Picture Postcard, Lebanon. Beyrouth, Beirut, Street Scene. Rue du Commerce. Commercial Street. Tramway, Tramlines, Tram. Man with Bicycle.

Item 117914    
's-Gravenhage SPUI 1901 Old Postcard Street Boy Bicycle

Holland Netherlands Vintage Dutch Undivided Back Postcard. 's-Gravenhage. Spui. Street Scene. Clock. Children Little Boys, Man and Bicycle. Tramlines. Shops. Sent from 's-Gravenhage to London. 5c
Published by Dr. Trenkler Co.

Item 117833    
's-Gravenhage Hofspui 1902 Old Postcard Street, Bicycle

Holland Netherlands Vintage Dutch Colour Hand Tinted Postcard. Undivided Back. 's-Gravenhage. Hofspui. Street Scene. Clock. Children Little Boy, Man and Bicycle. (Kantoor der Guzenwasscherli.). Sent from Amsterdam Antwerpen to London. Nederland 2 1/2c
Published by J. H. Schaefer Amsterdam Nr. S.H. 54 Depose

Item 117740    
Japan Old Postcard Rickshaw Car Ship Bike YOKOHAMA PIER

Japan Vintage Japanese Picture Post Card, Coolie & Rickshaw, Vintage Motor Cars, Car Park, Steamer, Steam Ship, Cyclist, Yokohama. 橫濱棧橋. Yokohama (Japanese: 横浜市; -shi) is the capital city of Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan. It is Japan's largest incorporated city and largest seaport, and a commercial hub of the Greater Tokyo Area.

Item 116856    
Singapore Old Postcard The Connaught Drive - Street Scene - Malaya Malay

Vintage Malaya Malay picture post card, Straits Settlements - Singapore Native Street Scene. Connaught Drive. Cyclist. Rickshaw & Coolie.

Item 115345    
WW1 German Prisoners of War P.O.W 1914 Postcard Bicycle

Vintage Old Postcard. Military First World War. WW1. Prisonniers Allemands. German Prisoners of War. P.O.W. POW. Bicycle. Published by ELD 12me Serie

Item 114556    
Haut-Doubs Postcard Fort de Joux Lac St. Point, Cyclist

France Multiview French Colour Postcard. Dans le Haut-Doubs tout doux, tout doux, Swans, Chicks, Birds, Sailing Boats, Yachts, castle, Waterfalls, Gorges, Falls. Paysages du Haut Doubs. Le Saut du Doubs, Le Fort de Joux, Le Lac de Saint-Point, La Source de la Loue. 24 Heures Cyclistes et Foire de Censeau Censeau. Postally Used with Cyclist, Cycling Bicycle Slogan Postmark. Sent from Censeau to Saone. 2.00
Published by Cellard

Item 113703    
YORK, WALMSGATE BAR Old Postcard Sheep Market Continued

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Picture post card. Yorkshire, York. Street Scene. Tram. Cyclist. Walmsgate Bar, York.Sheep Market Continued. Published by Valentine

Item 113274    
South Africa 1904 Old Hand Tinted Postcard PRETORIA ARCADIA BRIDGE Lions Cyclist

South Africa, Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Undivided Back Picture Postcard, Pretoria, Street scene, Arcadia Bridge, Cyclist, Lion Statues. Woman and Little Girls. Postally Used with Cape of Good Hope King Edward 7th 1d stamp. Sent from Cape Town to London England with London Arrival (hooded postmark). KEVII 1d
Published by Sallo Epstein & Co. Durban

Item 112450    
Ceylon Old RP Postcard MAIN STREET Fort Cyclist Colombo

Vintage Sri Lanka Ceylan Real Photo Postcard. Street Scene. Vintage Cars. Cyclists. Bicycles. Carts. Main Street, Fort, Colombo. Published by Plate Ltd

Item 112444    
Ceylon Old Postcard QUEEN STREET FORT & Cyclist Colombo

Ceylon Sri Lanka Ceylan Vintage picture post card. Ethnic Life. Street Scene, Queen Street, FORT, Colombo. Clock Tower. Cyclist. Chartered Bank. Published by Plate Ltd Colombo Plate's ART

Item 111021    
BASEL Old Postcard Bischofshof Ehemalige Reside Bicycle

Switzerland Swiss Vintage Old Postcard. Altes Basel - Bischofshof - Ehemalige Residenz der Bischoefe von Basel. Bike, Bicycle. Published by M.F. Basel

Item 110981    
Military Old Colour Postcard CAMP DE BEVERLOO Soldiers

Belgium Vintage Colour Postcard. Camp de Beverloo - Kamp van Beverloo. Vues des Blocs. Zicht op de Blokken. Bicycle. Published by Edition Loosvelt Adeline Bourg Leopolo

Item 109947    
Canada Old Postcard Wellington Street Scene Cars Ottawa

Vintage Colour Postcard. Rue Wellington, le regard de l'est. Wellington Street Scene, Looking East, Cyclist, Vintage Motor Cars. Ottawa. Ottawa is the capital of Canada and the country's fourth largest city.
Published by National News Co. Ltd.

Item 109681    
TORINO Old Postcard Giardini P Nuova e Via Roma, Street

Italy Vintage Old Italian Larger Real Photo Photograph Picture Postcard. TURIN Torino. Giardini P. Nuova e Via Roma, Street Scene. Cyclist. Tram, Tricycle. Published by S.A.C.A.T. Torino

Item 107372    
London Old Postcard THE GUILDHALL - Gate, Men & Bicycle

Vintage Picture Postcard. The Guildhall, London. Published by Mortimer & Co. S.W.

Item 106868    
Constantine Old Postcard Tunnel Route du Hamma Cyclists

Algeria Vintage Undivided Back Postcard. Constantine (Algeria) - Un Tunnel sur la route du Hamma. Cyclists. Published by Bazar du Globe Constantine

Item 106340    
BIZERTE Old Postcard Librairie Bookshop E Fages Cyclist

Tunisia Vintage Africa Picture Postcard, Bizerte - Imprimerie Librairie Fages Cyclist, Street scene. Printing Bookshop E. Fages. L.L. No. 68. Bizerte is a town as well as a state in Tunisia.
Published by LL

Item 103744    
Cottage Bicycles Swans Birds & Pond Lake Old Real Photo

Vintage Small Real Photograph card, Cottage Bicycles Swans Birds & Pond Lake. Size 11.4cm x 7cm.

Item 101704    
YORK Petergate Street Bicycle & Restaurant Old Postcard

Yorkshire Vintage Picture Postcard. Petergate, York. Street Scene, Vintage Car, Bicycle. Petergate Fish Restaurant. Dinner Supper Rooms. / Petergate takes its name from its close proximity to the Minster, and is a street of quaint gabled buildings of great antiquity. In the view from the South the Western Towers of the Minster are seen above the red tiled roofs and ancient brickwork. Published by Walter Scott Bradford Edwin Story Ltd

Item 99394    
India Old Embossed Postcard Chowringhee Street Scene Bicycle Cyclist, Calcutta

Vintage British Indian Picture Post card, View of Chowringhee Calcutta, Street Scene, Bicycle, Cyclist. Double Bullock Carts.

Item 99002    
Tunisia Tunis HOTEL MAJESTIC Old Postcard Cars, Bicycle

Tunisia Vintage Postcard. Tunis - Hotel Majestic, Street Scene, Vintage Motor Cars, Bicycle. Cyclist. Tunis is the capital of Tunisia. Population 674,100 (1994).
Published by Edit Librairie Tournier Tunis

Item 98580    
Dog Bicycle Man & Woman at Back Porch Old R.P. Postcard

Vintage Real Photo Picture Postcard, Social History. Dog, Bicycle, Man & Woman. (Gerby took this picture Saturday morning with her camera, was taken on our back porch.).

Item 97472    
Paysage Belge Cyclist Bicycle & Horse Cart Old Postcard

Belgium Vintage Old Postcard. Paysage Belge Cyclist Bicycle & Horse Drawn Cart. Street Scene. Trees. (Collotype Smooth).

Item 92972    
Exeter GUILDHALL Street Bicycle Cart, Boys Old Postcard

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Postcard. Devon Exeter, The Guildhall. Street Scene, Bicycle. Cart, Children, Little Boys.

Item 92574    
Firenze Old Hand Tinted Postcard Angolo d PONTE VECCHIO

Italy Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Italian Postcard. FLORENCE Firenze - Angolo del Ponte Vecchio. Street Scene. Horse Drawn Carriage, Cart. Bicycle, Cyclist.