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Postcards > Thematics > Comic / Seaside Humour

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Item 54218    
Comic Postcard BOAT JETTY It's Knotted Not Get Knotted

Colour Artist Drawn Postcard. Comic, Humour. Boat leaving. I said it's knotted, not Get Knotted! Leaving the Jetty. Published by Douglas M. Smith Rowington

Item 54202    
Comic Humour 1929 Old Postcard A Quiet Restful Holiday

Early Colour Postcard. Comic Humour. This is the place for a quiet, restful holiday ( I don't think), Seaside, Pier. Blackpool. Sent from Blackpool. KG5 1d
Published by H.B. Ltd

Item 53477    
Artist Signed 1935 Postcard Place for Feel Young Again

Vintage Old Comic Colour Postcard. Seaside, This is the Place for making one feel young again. Man with pipe in mouth, shavel and bucket in hands. By Artist Gay McAdams?. Sent from Clacton on Sea to Essex. KG5 1d
Published by XL Series London

Item 51273    
DINAH Artist Signed Old Postcard Waiting for the MALE, Rolling Pin Antique Clock

Early Artist Signed Comic Picture Postcard, Children, DOG, Puppy, Antique Clock. Little Girl with rolling pin, looking at her watch, Waiting for the Male !. Published by Mason's Alpha Series Dinah Series 12/4

Item 51271    
DINAH Artist Signed Old Postcard - God Bless Girl & Dog

Early Artist Signed Comic Picture Postcard, Children, Little girl Prayer in Pyjama, and Dog Puppy. God Bless. Published by Mason's Alpha Series Dinah Series 12/10

Item 51264    
TROW Artist Signed Postcard Petting from A to Z, I to U

Early TROW Artist Signed Picture postcar, Comic Seaside Humour, Boating. Boats. Cliffs, Birds. She: I know about petting from A to Z! He: I suppose so, but I am only interested in petting from I to U!. Published by Brook Publishing Co

Item 51173    
Boy & Umbrella 1906 Art Drawn Postcard Hearty Christmas

Vintage Artist Drawn Comic Colour Picture Postcard, Children. Little Boy holding Umbrella in the rain. Hearty Xmas Greetings. Sent from Bournemouth to Bournemouth. KE7 1/2d
Published by Hills & Co. Ltd For the Empire Series

Item 47083    
G GIBSON Artist Signed Old Postcard Cut Yourself Pieces

1919 Vintage Comic Humour Picture Postcard, Artist Signed by G. Gibson. Volla ce que c'est, de se mettre en quatre pour les amis. / That's what it is to cut yourself in pieces for your friends. Published by Sid's Humour Series

Item 47081    
Bob King Artist Signed Old Postcard Maid & Broken Plate

Early Comic Humour Picture Postcard, Children. Broken plates, tureen & cup. Chers auditeurs : Je suis contente ... tres contente, je tacherai de faire mieux la prochaine fois... Published by FOX 39/5

Item 46180    
Comic Humour Old Postcard Springs Gone? Come on Holiday

Vintage Comic Humour Postcard, Whats' the use of coming on a holiday if you can't even rest in a strange bed?. KG6 2d

Item 45870    
Tuck's DRY Humour Smile While you can Old Postcard DWIG

Early Artist Signed DWIG Colour Humour Comic PPC. Embossed. Smile while you can, and the fruit won't spoil! - Tuck's Dry Humour Series - Smiles. Published by Raphael Tuck & sons

Item 45828    
Thos Downey 1921 Comic Postcard SEAFRONT DRIVE IN CART

Thos Downey Artist Signed Old Funny Humour Colour Postcard. "We are having some very nice drives along the front". KG5 1d

Item 45803    
H Bury Artist Signed Old Postcard Ain't This Wore Orful

Vintage Art Drawn Colour PPC, Comic. Humour, Little boy, hole in trousers. Ain't this WORE Orful!. H. Bury.

Item 41705    
Artist Signed Comic Old Color Postcard The Marriage TIE

Artist Signed Early Picture Post card, The Marriage Tie. Man & Woman.

Item 40500    
France Old Postcard LE MANDAT DE PITOU j'ai la chance

Vintage French B/W Postcard. Le Mandat de Pitou. Un mandat... Chouett'! j'ai la chance. J' pourrai faire la grand' noce quoi! J' promenerai ma P'tite connaissance. Et j' lui offrirai les ch'vaux de bois. Man with big smile. Published by Clavette Phot.

Item 40051    
Artist Signed Children Old Postcard Whats her Next Move

Dudley Dmion Artist Signed Comic Picture Postcard, Little girl sitting on boy's lap. Je me demande quelle position elle va prendre maintenant! I wonder what her next move will be!. Published by Inter-Art Co. COMIQUE Series

Item 39607    
Comic Humour Old Postcard Matrimony a Great Institution

Vintage Artist Drawn Comic Picture Postcard, Humour. Le mariage est une grande institution, mais qui demande a vivre dans une institution? / Matrimony is a great Institution, but who wants to live in an Institution?. Published by Macco Series McCrum Co. Trade-Estate Slough

Item 39605    
Comic Children Old Postcard How it Feels to Be Accepted

Vintage Artist Drawn Comic Picture Postcard, Romance. Children, Little Girl & boy Walking in the park. How it feels to be accepted. Published by E. J. Hey & Co.

Item 39473    
DINAH Artist Signed Old Postcard Very Tasty Very Sweet!

Vintage Tuck's Artist Signed Comic Picture Postcard, Children. Little Girl making Pie. Flour. Policeman, Police Officer in Uniform, kissing. Very Tasty, Very Sweet. Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd. Printed in England.

Item 38296    
FISHING LINE Old Postcard Railway Locomotive Train TRAM

Early Comic Humour Postcard, I've seen a railway line, and I've seen a tramway line, I've seen a fishing line, and clothes line, but I've never seen a line from you. Published by Philco Series

Item 37812    
Artist Signed Old Comic Postcard Cry - Love One Another

Vintage Artist Signed Tuck's Picture Postcard, Il N'est pas de bonheur Parfait. Love one another. Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons Paris

Item 37810    
Tuck's OILETTE Old Comic Postcard Sheep All for her IV.

Vintage Artist Drawn Picture Postcard, Ma promesse de bonbons la fera peut-etre venir plus vite aujourd'hui! She liked my sweets if she didn't like me!. Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons All for her series IV

Item 37809    
Children Artist Drawn Old Postcard I'm Lost without You

Vintage Art Drawn Comic Picture Postcard, Little girl lost in woods / forest. Sans toi, je me sens perdue, I'm lost without you. Published by Inter-Art Co. COMIQUE Series

Item 37385    
Comic Old Postcard Girl with Mirror - Ma Said Be A Lady

Early Artist Drawn Humour Picture Post Card, Comic, Humour, Children, Little girl with make up & mirror in hands. Pour faire comme maman... / Ma Said - Be A Lady!. Published by Inter-Art Co. COMIQUE series

Item 37384    
Comic Old Postcard Boy Smoking Pipe, Pa Said Be a SPORT

Early Artist Drawn Humour Picture Post Card, Comic, Humour, Children, Boy with hat, pipe in mouth. Smoke. Papa m'a dit: Sois un homme. Pa Said - Be a Sport. Published by Inter-Art Co. COMIQUE series

Item 36909    
Humour 1909 Old Postcard - My word, if you're not off !

Vintage Colour Humour Picture Postcard, My word, if you're not off!. Sent from London to Angers France. KE7 1/2d x 2

Item 36907    
Children Art Drawn Comic Old Postcard QUAINT KIDS N.237

Vintage Colour Artist Drawn Comic Picture Postcard, little girl & boy sitting on sofa, hugging. Tout le monde en fait autant, Everybody's doing it. Published by Inter-Art Co. QUAINT KIDS serie

Item 36903    
G. Gibson Artist Signed Old Postcard Glamour Lady & DOG

Vintage Art Drawn Comic Humour Picture Postcard, Children, Proud Woman & Dog. Nouvelle riche, Vaut mieux faire envie que pitie. New Groesus. It is better to make people envious than pitiful. Published by SID's Humour series

Item 36587    
Artist Signed Comic Old Postcard Dog Vintage Motor CAR

Early Jean di P.. Artist Signed Colour Postcard. Alors beau blond, on se barbe.. ?. Vintage Motor Cars. Published by JP

Item 32443    
France 1909 Military Humour Comic Postcard - Man EATING

Old French Colour Postcard. Demain matin au reveil il me restera seulement. Jours a faire. Mais j'aurai encore a manger. (Tomorrow morning with the reveil it will only remain me. Days has to make. But I will still have to eat.). Published by E. R. Paris