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Postcards > Thematics > Comic / Seaside Humour

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Item 38296    
FISHING LINE Old Postcard Railway Locomotive Train TRAM

Early Comic Humour Postcard, I've seen a railway line, and I've seen a tramway line, I've seen a fishing line, and clothes line, but I've never seen a line from you. Published by Philco Series

Item 37810    
Tuck's OILETTE Old Comic Postcard Sheep All for her IV.

Vintage Artist Drawn Picture Postcard, Ma promesse de bonbons la fera peut-etre venir plus vite aujourd'hui! She liked my sweets if she didn't like me!. Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons All for her series IV

Item 37809    
Children Artist Drawn Old Postcard I'm Lost without You

Vintage Art Drawn Comic Picture Postcard, Little girl lost in woods / forest. Sans toi, je me sens perdue, I'm lost without you. Published by Inter-Art Co. COMIQUE Series

Item 37385    
Comic Old Postcard Girl with Mirror - Ma Said Be A Lady

Early Artist Drawn Humour Picture Post Card, Comic, Humour, Children, Little girl with make up & mirror in hands. Pour faire comme maman... / Ma Said - Be A Lady!. Published by Inter-Art Co. COMIQUE series

Item 37384    
Comic Old Postcard Boy Smoking Pipe, Pa Said Be a SPORT

Early Artist Drawn Humour Picture Post Card, Comic, Humour, Children, Boy with hat, pipe in mouth. Smoke. Papa m'a dit: Sois un homme. Pa Said - Be a Sport. Published by Inter-Art Co. COMIQUE series

Item 36909    
Humour 1909 Old Postcard - My word, if you're not off !

Vintage Colour Humour Picture Postcard, My word, if you're not off!. Sent from London to Angers France. KE7 1/2d x 2

Item 36907    
Children Art Drawn Comic Old Postcard QUAINT KIDS N.237

Vintage Colour Artist Drawn Comic Picture Postcard, little girl & boy sitting on sofa, hugging. Tout le monde en fait autant, Everybody's doing it. Published by Inter-Art Co. QUAINT KIDS serie

Item 36903    
G. Gibson Artist Signed Old Postcard Glamour Lady & DOG

Vintage Art Drawn Comic Humour Picture Postcard, Children, Proud Woman & Dog. Nouvelle riche, Vaut mieux faire envie que pitie. New Groesus. It is better to make people envious than pitiful. Published by SID's Humour series

Item 36587    
Artist Signed Comic Old Postcard Dog Vintage Motor CAR

Early Jean di P.. Artist Signed Colour Postcard. Alors beau blond, on se barbe.. ?. Vintage Motor Cars. Published by JP

Item 32443    
France 1909 Military Humour Comic Postcard - Man EATING

Old French Colour Postcard. Demain matin au reveil il me restera seulement. Jours a faire. Mais j'aurai encore a manger. (Tomorrow morning with the reveil it will only remain me. Days has to make. But I will still have to eat.). Published by E. R. Paris

Item 31933    
TROW Artist Signed Old Postcard Want to be Transferred!

Early TROW Artist Signed Picture postcar, Comic Humour, She: I want to be transferred! Fishing Pole / Scents Perfume. Published by Brook Publishing Co

Item 30799    
LION KING LOG KAREL LINKS Artist Signed 1958 Postcard

Netherlands Old Artist Drawn Colour Comic Postcard. Karel Links. Lion King on log & River. en de groeten van Pinslea. Sent to Den Haag. 4c Nederland

Item 29496    
Freda Mabel Rose Artist 1938 Old Pistcard - News & Dog

Early Artist Signed Comic Picture Postcard, Children, Little Girl and a Dog. Daily Tattle Newspaper. Still no news of you. Sent from Sevenoaks Kent to Devon. KG6 1d
Published by MABEL ROSE Series

Item 29495    
Comic Old Postcard 2 Bites to Cherry Great Game, Try It

Early Art Drawn Colour Humour Comic Postcard. Children Little Boy & Girl, Two Bites to a Cherry. A Great Game, Try it. Published by Reinthal & Newman Pubs. N.Y. Entered Stationers Hall, London

Item 29282    
ICELAND 3a 1906 Romance Postcard - AN INTERRUPTED SPOON

Early Humour Romantic B/W Postcard. An interrupted Spoon. 2 men & a woman. With Island stamp Kings Christian IX and Frederik VIII 3aur. 3a
Published by Living Picture Series.

Item 28634    
Comic Humour Old Postcard COME & KISS AUNTIE Castor OIL

Early Funny Colour Postcard. Come and kiss Auntie, and I'll give you a penny. T'Aint worf it, Auntie - Why, I get a sixpence for taking Castor oil. Published by H. B. Ltd.

Item 28575    
Bamforth Humour 1907 Old Postcard Dreamt of Sweet Roses

Old Colour Humour Picture Postcard, Bamforth Series No. 1286 Dear, We arrived safely, but had difficulty in finding lodgings. At last near midnight, we were fortunate in securing the above. Yours ... P.S. I cannot for my life think why I dreamt of sweet roses. Published by Bamforth Series

Item 28342    
Comic Humour 1951 Old Postcard - Haircutting & Singeing

Early Comic Humour Picture Postcard. Lumme, Bill, there's a bloke a-looking for 'em wiv a light!. Sent from Newmarket Suffolk to Isleham. KG6 2d

Item 28331    
Comic Humour Old Postcard - Put COALS back in the BATH

Early Comic Humour Picture Postcard, ... and don't forget to put the coals back in the bath. Sent to Isleham. KG6 2d
Published by Super Comic

Item 28229    
JONAR Artist Signed 1948 Postcard - In Your Strong Arms

Early Comic Humour JONAR Artist Signed Picture Postcard, Moonlight, Moon, Oh, Edmund - I feel such a weak little thing in your strong arms. Sent from Norfolk to Cambs. KG6 2d
Published by E.M.

Item 28222    
Comic Humour 1950 Old Postcard Tender as Woman's Heart

Early Artist Signed E Comic Humour Colour Postcard. At the Meat Shop. Is that steak tender? Tender, Sir? it's as tender as a Woman's heart. Is that so! Well, give me some sausages. Sent from Ely to Cambs. KG6 2d

Item 28214    
Comic Humour Old Postcard Cuddling Pillow - Silly Dream

Early SA Artist Signed Comic Humour Picture Postcard, H.B. No. 7086. Stop cuddling the pillow and wipe that silly dream off your face. Published by H.B. Ltd.

Item 28203    
RES MAURICE 1924 Postcard - Every Pitcher Tells a Story

Old Humour Comic Artist Signed Colour Picture Postcard. Every Pitcher Tells a Story. KG5 1d
Published by Regent series

Item 28185    
Bamforth Humour 1911 Postcard Clown in time - Walk Baby

Old Colour Humour Picture Postcard, Bamforth Series No.1341 You needn't make any excuses, John, It's all right, you're just in time to walk baby for an hour or two. 1907. Sent from Cheltenham to Cheltenham. KE7 1/2d
Published by Bamforth Series

Item 27961    
Comic Humour Old Postcard God made the Earth and Rested

Early Coloured Comic Humour Picture Postcard, God made the earth and rested, God made man and rested, God made woman and rested, Neither god nor man rested since. TR. Sent to Suffolk. QE2 5 1/2p
Published by Dexter Press DP

Item 25956    
Comic 1925 Old Colour Postcard - Schoolgirl Complexion

Old Funny Colour Postcard. "I know he loves me - cause he said I'd got that schoolgirl complexion!" Clown. Sent from Harrogate Yorks to Harrogate. KG5 1/2d Pair of 2
Published by Inter-Art Co. COMIQUE Series

Item 25843    

Old Funny Artist Signed Colour Postcard. "Mamma, how did he know it was a Blood Orange?". Comic, Humour. . Sent from Blackpool to Staffs. KG5 1d
Published by Regent Publishing Co. Ltd. London

Item 25788    
V.W.S. Artist Signed Children 1919 Old Postcard Little Thing I can do for you?

Early Comic Humour Colour Postcard. V.W.S. Little Boy & lovely girl with parasol sitting on a bench. 3 boys behind (one smoking). Is there any little thing I can do for you?. Sent from Longton Stone to Blackpool. KG5 1d
Published by Regent Series

Item 25465    
Sketch Drawing 1907 Postcard WHEN MRS MEEKER ENTERTAINS

Old Funny B/W Postcard. "When Mrs. Meeker Entertains.". Hats with numbers. Pencil Sketch. Published by James Henderson & Sons

Item 25445    
Comic Humour 1909 Old Postcard THE LONG AND SHORT OF IT

Old Funny Colour Postcard. "The Long & Short of it. If we had another sixpence we'd stay another week.". KE7 1/2d
Published by Coronation Series