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Item ID: 172868  

China Russo-Japan War Wafangou Te-li-Ssu Shanghai B.P.O Peking 1905 Old Postcard

Vintage Old Undivided Back Multiview Old Picture Postcard. U.B. China Russia Japan Russo-Japanese War. Military. Battle of Wafangou Te-li-Ssu. Our Artillery at Teh-Li-Ssu. Battlefield. 得利寺戰役我兵砲擊 Postally Used in 1905 with postmarks of Peking 北京 9 May 05, and Shanghai My 15 05 B.P.O. (British Post Office in Shanghai).

Publisher: 遞信省發行,東京印刷株式會社製
Faults: With creases & wear
Sent from: Peking
Addressed to: London England
Condition: Used
Background: The Battle of Te-li-ssu (得利寺の戦い Tokuriji no tatakai), also called Battle of Wafangou (Russian: Бой у Вафангоу) after the nearby railway station, was a land battle of the Russo-Japanese War. It was fought at a hamlet some 80 mi (130 km) north of Port Arthur, Manchuria. The hamlet is known today as Delisi, and is located just north of Wafangdian, Liaoning Province, China. It was fought on 14–15 June 1904 between the Japanese Second Army under General Yasukata Oku and the Russian First Siberian Army Corps under Lieutenant General Georgii Stackelberg.


China Russo-Japan War Wafangou Te-li-Ssu Shanghai B.P.O Peking 1905 Old Postcard

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