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Item ID: 223753  

China Old Postcard Canton Water Clock North Worshipping Tower Buckets Brass Pots

Vintage Chinese Old Undivided Back Postcard. c.1910. China. Canton - Water Clock. Stone Stairs. Buckets. / Most ancient, authentic, celebrated and sacred relics of Kwong Tung Province, about 2100 years old. This time keeper, erected on the top story of the North Worshipping Tower, in the Han Dynasty (B.C. 206), was the invention of a well known General, named Chia Tou, who was proclaimed King of the South. It consists of 4 large brass pots, named after the Sun, the Moon, the Star and the Planet. At the bottom of each pot there is a little hole, through which the water trickles in drops one after the other, and to a well said to be hidden underneath the Planet, from which the ooze ends. It was so designed that there need be no supply of water by any human hand, but by natural source of another well leading to the sun. - The reading gauge, which bears letters of the 12 hours, (each divided into 8 parts or quarters), begins to pop up from inside the Planet at the 4th hour of Mau (i.e. at dawn of day), according to the proportion of water that the latter receives, and it drops down again when the water has finished a days trickling. The North Worshipping Tower was built by Chiu Tau, for the purpose of paying respects to the Emperor in the North every morning.

Publisher: The Hongkong Pictorial Postcard Co.
Series No: 1101:06
Faults: Marks and spots


China Old Postcard Canton Water Clock North Worshipping Tower Buckets Brass Pots

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