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Item 220015    
Pakistan India Old Postcard British Cavalry Barracks, Ambala, Photo by T.H. Bell

Vintage Colour Old Postcard. Pakistan British India Indian. Military Barrack, British Cavalry Barracks. Panorama. Ambala. Photo by T.H. Bell. Published by Moorli Dhur & Son, Sudder Bazaar Umballa

Item 211691    
Pakistan Old Postcard British Cavalry Barracks Rawalpindi Military Soldier India

Vintage Colour Old Postcard. Pakistan British India Indian. Rawalpindi Rawal Pindi. Military Barrack, British Cavalry Barracks, Soldiers on Horses, Horse Riders. Panorama. Rāwalpindi is a city near Islamabad, Pakistan. It is the military headquarters and also served as the nation's capital while Islamabad was being constructed in the 1960s. The city is home to many industries and factories. The population of Rawalpindi is approximately 1,400,000
Published by Moorli Dhur & Son, Ambala

Item 210354    
WW1 Artist Signed 1914 Old Postcard Horse Cavalry French Dragons Charging Uhlans

Vintage Old Art Drawn Postcard. Artist Signed. 1914. Military. First World War WW1 War Battle Scene. Soldiers. Horse Horses. Engagement de Cavalerie. Dragons Francais Chargeant des Uhlans. Cavalry engagement. French Dragons Charging Uhlans. Published by L'Atelier d'Art Photographique - Paris

Item 199581    
WW1 Daily Mail 1916 Old Postcard After The First Cavalry Charge, Soldiers Horses

Vintage First World War Official Daily Mail Old Colour Postcard Military Battle Pictures. Passed by Censor. After the First 1st Cavalry Charge. July 1916. Soldiers and Horses. Road Street Scene, Ruins. / A way-side group of gallant Indian cavalrymen, some of whom greatly enjoyed their share in the charge through the cornfields at High Wood on July 14th, 1916, with the Dragoon Guards. Published by Daily Mail, Official War Photographs. Crown Copyright Reserved. Series III. No. 18.

Item 189903    
London Old Colour Postcard Horse Guards Sentries Whitehall 11a.m. Changing Guard

Vintage Colour Old Postcard. London. Horse Guards at Whitehall at one of the entrances to St. James Park. The changing of Guard, a very interesting ceremony takes place here daily at 11 a.m. A regular feature is the statue-like cavalry sentries. Empire Exhibition Glasgow May - October 1938. Published by Valentine VALESQUE Series

Item 187568    
Libya 1911 Old Postcard Bengasi Arab Cavalry Cavalleria Araba Horses Horse Rider

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Picture Postcard, Middle East. Libya. Bengasi. Arab Cavalry Cavalleria Araba, Horses Horse Riders. Postally Used in 1911 with Italy Italian 10c stamp. 10c

Item 186212    
India Old Embossed Postcard B. Cavalry Barracks from Church Steeple, Ambala 1630

Vintage British Indian Old Embossed Picture Postcard. India. British B. Cavalry Barracks from Church Steeple, Ambala. Panorama. Military Barrack. General View. Published by Moorli Dhur & Sons Ambala

Item 186094    
Trumpeter 1st King's Dragoon Guards Horse Trumpet Cavalry Brit Army Old Postcard

Vintage Old Post card. Trumpeter, 1st King's Dragoon Guards, Horse Rider with Trumpet. Cavalry British Army. The 1st King's Dragoon Guards was a cavalry regiment in the British Army. The regiment was raised by Sir John Lanier in 1685 as the 2nd Queen's Regiment of Horse, named in honour of Queen Mary, consort of King James II.
Published by Dainty Novels Series

Item 184789    
Arab Horsemen Native Arabe Men Horses Flag Cavaliers Arabes Old Colour Postcard

Vintage Colour Old Postcard. Ethnic Life. Africa, Arab Horsemen, Native Arabe Men Riding Horses, Flag. Costumes. Cavaliers Arabes. Published by CAP

Item 135303    
British Army, 2nd Life Guards, Farrier, Horse Rider, Old Tuck's Oilette Postcard

Vintage Tuck's Oilette Colour Picture Postcard, 2nd Life Guards, Second Life Guards, Farrier. Horse Rider, Guard. Knight Photo. / 2nd Life Guards are a division of the Household Cavalry, and one of the finest body of men in the British Army. They carry the Royal Arms, their chief battles being Dettingen, Peninsula. Waterloo, Egypt 1882, Tel-el-Kebir, South Africa 1899-1900. Relief of Kimberley, Paardeberg. Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons Oilette 2nd Life Guards

Item 131729    
London 1938 Old RP Postcard Horse Guards Sentries Whitehall, 11am Changing Guard

Vintage Real Photo Postcard. London. Horse Guards at Whitehall at one of the entrances to St. James Park. The changing of Guard, a very interesting ceremony takes place here daily at 11 a.m. A regular feature is the statue-like cavalry sentries. Empire Exhibition Glasgow May - October 1938. Sent from London to New York USA. KGVI 1d
Published by Valentine Real Photograph 21

Item 40934    
Cambodia Old Postcard ANGKOR WAT Relief Warrior, Horses

Vintage French Indo-China Indochina B/W Postcard. Angkor Vat - Bas-relief des galeries exterieures du temple. Guerriers et cavaliers Khmers. Horses. Published by elephant trademark on back Societe a ANGKOR comite Cambodgien

Item 37671    
104e Regt Infantry Old Postcard BATTLE Cavalry Soldiers

France Early French B/W Postcard. Tableau des Chefs de Corps. Salle d'Honneur des Officiers. Caserne Latour-Maubourg. Battle, Horse Rider. Infant de Ligne. Horses.