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Postcards > Africa > Morocco > Casablanca

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Item 204263    
Morocco Old Postcard Casablanca Place de France Street Scene Chargeurs Marocains

Vintage Old Postcard. Africa, Morocco, Casablanca (Maroc), Place de France. Building with Chargeurs Marocains (Moroccan Chargers). Street Scene. Vintage Motor Car. Horse Cart. Cafe Excelsior. Published by Librairie Baudiniere Casablanca Phototypie Paris Baudiniere

Item 204262    
Morocco 1921 Old Postcard Casablanca Porte de la Marine Gate Grand Hotel Central

Vintage Old Postcard. Africa Morocco, Casablanca - Porte de la Marine. Grand Hotel Central. G.H. Fernau & Co. Ltd. Steps. 6-8.6.21. 1921. Published by Librairie Baudiniere Casablanca, Phototype Paris Baudiniere

Item 204210    
Morocco Old Postcard Casablanca, Place de France Boulevard de l'Horloge Entrance

Vintage Old Postcard. Africa, Morocco, Casablanca (Maroc), Place de France et Entree du Boulevard de l'Horloge. Square. Entrance. Gate. Clock Tower. Street Scene. Native Police or Soldier. Published by Edit. Kricorian Casablanca M. Le Deley Paris

Item 191804    
Morocco Old Postcard Casablanca Pavillon d'Honneur du 4e Zouaves Soldiers Guards

Vintage Old Colour Postcard. Africa Maroc, Morocco. Casablanca - Pavillon d'Honneur du 4e Zouaves. Soldiers or Guards. Flag. Clock. Published by P.M.

Item 186754    
Morocco 15f 1951 Old Real Photo Postcard Casablanca Eglise du Sacre Coeur Church

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. Africa Morocco, Casablanca (Maroc), Eglise du Sacre Coeur, Church of Sacred Heart. Street Scene. Palm Trees. Postally Used in 1951 with Maroc 15f stamp. Postage Due T on back. Sent from Morocco to Bedford England. 15f
Published by La Cogogne

Item 180171    
Morocco Casablanca Old Postcard Native Women Drawing Water Arab City At Fountain

Vintage Old Postcard. Morocco Africa Maroc Casablanca - Dans la Nouvelle Ville Arabe - A la Fontaine. Arab. Fountain. Native Boys, Children Drawing Water. In the New Arab City - At the Fountain. Ethnic Life. Published by L. M. Casablanca

Item 180168    
Morocco Casablanca Old Postcard Derb-Sultan La Fontaine Fountain Women Children

Vintage Old Postcard. Morocco Africa, Maroc, Casablanca - Ethnic Life. Derb-Sultan La Fontaine Fountain. Native Women Drawing Water. Children. Published by CAP

Item 179984    
Morocco Old Postcard Casablanca Parc Lyautey Park Palm Tree Avenue Trees CAP 37

Vintage Old Postcard. Africa Morocco Maroc, Casablanca - Parc Lyautey, Lyautey Park, Palm Tree Avenue Road, Trees. Published by CAP

Item 175744    
Le Paquebot Koutoubia Casablanca Steamer Steam Ship Cruise Liner Old RP Postcard

Vintage Old Real Photographic Postcard. Shipping. Le Paquebot KOUTOUBIA, Cruise Liner, Steamer, Steam Ship, Casablanca. Published by Photo Flandrin

Item 172255    
Morocco Casablanca Old RP Postcard Boulevard Moulay-Youssef, Garden Street Scene

Vintage Colour Old Real Photo Postcard. Morocco Casablanca - Boulevard Moulay-Youssef. Palm Trees. Street Scene, Garden. Published by Photo Flandrin

Item 168767    
Ballon Captif Morocco Casablanca, Occupation Troops Old Postcard Captive Balloon

Vintage Old Postcard. Evenements du Maroc, Morocco, Africa. Casablanca. Le Ballon Captif. 20 'Section de C.O.A. Franchise Postale. Troupes d'Occupation du Maroc. The Captive Balloon. With Cachet : Le Commandant Supérieur du Gerole, de Colomb Béchar. Animals, Cattle, Cow, Horses. Military. 20 'Section C.O.A. Franchise Postale. Morocco's occupation troops. Published by J. Gelser Phot. Alger

Item 156445    
Morocco Red Meter Mark 1934 Old Postcard Casablanca - Boulevard du 4eme Zouaves

Vintage Picture Postcard. Maroc, Morocco. Casablanca - Boulevard du 4eme Zouaves. Street Scene, Tower, Palm Trees. Postally Used with Red Meter Mark. 14 VI 34. 1934. Sent from Casablanca. Published by Edition L. M. Casablanca 4

Item 152728    
Morocco Old Color Postcard Casablanca Jardin de la Subdivision Garden Palm Trees

Vintage Colour Postcard. Africa Maroc Morocco - Casablanca - Le Jardin de la Subdivision. Garden. Palm Trees. Native Man. Published by P.M.

Item 152724    
Morocco Old Postcard Casablanca, Lyautey Park Entrance, L'Entree du Parc Lyautey

Vintage Colour Postcard. Africa Morocco Maroc, Casablanca - L'Entree du Parc Lyautey, Lyautey Park Entrance, Arches Gates. Little Boy.

Item 152700    
Morocco Old Postcard Casablanca Rue Defly-Dieude, La Cathedrale Cathedral Street

Vintage Postcard. Africa Morocco Casablanca - Rue Defly-Dieude et la Cathedrale, Street Scene & Cathedral. Flowers. Published by Edition L.M. Casablanca 8

Item 138734    
Morocco Casablanca Old Postcard La Gare Train Railway Station Clock Tower Street

Vintage Postcard. Morocco Africa Casablanca - La Gare, Train Station, Railway Station, Clock Tower, Street Scene. Panorama. Published by L.M. Casablanca 6

Item 135703    
CASABLANCA Old Postcard Liberty Avenue Boulevard Liberte Automobile Vintage Cars

Vintage Picture Postcard, Africa, Morocco, Maroc, Casablanca - Liberty Avenue, Street scene, La Boulevard de la Liberte, Building with Automobile, Vintage Motor Car, Horse Drawn Cart, Carriage, Cyclist. Etablissement Automobile G. Am. Published by Photo Flandrin

Item 130900    
Morocco Old Postcard Casablanca Les Terre-Pleins de la Douane Harbour Ships Boat

Vintage Postcard. Maroc Africa Morocco - Casablanca - Les Terre-Pleins de la Douane Harbour Steamers Steam Ships Boats Panorama. Published by CAP

Item 130211    
Morocco Casablanca Old Postcard Rue Defly-Dieude et Cathedrale, Street Cathedral

Morocco Vintage Colour Postcard. Casablanca - Rue Defly-Dieude et Cathedrale, Street Scene & Cathedral. Flowers. Published by Edition L.M. Casablanca

Item 102689    
Morocco 1957 Old Postcard Avenue d' Amade Place Lyautey

Vintage Real Photo Postcard. Morocco Casablanca - Avenue d' Amade Place Lyautey. Street Scene. Car park. Clock Tower. Sent from Casablanca to France. Published by Jansol

Item 99056    
Casablanca Old Postcard Jardin Public Garden Steps Boys

Morocco Vintage Africa Picture Postcard. Casablanca (Maroc), Public Garden Entrance. Steps. Native Children. Little Boys. Place du Jardin Public. Entree du Jardin Public. Published by Kricorian

Item 99043    
Morocco Maroc Casablanca Old Postcard Nouvelle Medina Fountain and Mosque Africa

Morocco Vintage Postcard. Casablanca - Nouvelle Medina - Fontaine et Mosquee. Fountain and Mosque. Native Women & Boys, Baby. Children drawing water. Published by L. M. Casablanca

Item 86899    
Casablanca - Les Ambassadeurs Old Postcard Bar American

Morocco Vintage Picture Postcard. Africa, Maroc, Casablanca - Bar American. Street Scene, Vintage Car. Ambassadors. Published by CAP

Item 84858    
Morocco Casablanca Old Postcard Place Mohammed V Square

Early Africa Colour Picture Postcard. Bookmark style. Casablanca (Maroc), Meilleurs Voeux de Casablanca. Mosque. Car Park. Street scene. Jeff - Casablanca 373 Rue Mostafa el Maani.

Item 84850    
Casablanca Old Postcard Market, Marche Central Cyclists

Morocco Vintage B/W Real Photo Postcard. Casablanca - Market, Street scene, Bicycle, Cyclists. Sent to Stockholm. Published by Edit La Cigogne

Item 83006    
RED CROSS, Ambulance Exhibition Nancy 1909 Old Postcard

France Vintage Postcard. Red Cross Nurses. Exhibition. Exposition de Nancy 1909. Ambulance de l'Hopital de Casablanca. Le Brigadier de Spahis salue une Infirmiere du Comite de Nancy. qui l'a soigne a Casablanca. Pavillon de la Croix Rouge. Published by Imprimeries Reunies Nancy

Item 76867    
CASABLANCA Old Postcard Vue Prise Cathedrale Cathedral

Morocco Vintage Postcard. Casablanca - Vue Prise de la Cathedrale. Street scene. Trees. Panorama. General View. Published by L.M. Casablanca 6

Item 76836    
Morocco Old Postcard CASABLANCA Barracks Caserne Street

Vintage Postcard. Maroc, Africa Casablanca - Caserne. Military Barracks. Donkey Rider. Published by Bertou Alhambra

Item 76796    
CASABLANCA Old RP Postcard Law Courts Palais de Justice

Morocco Vintage Real Photo Postcard. Casablanca - Law Courts. Le Palais de Justice. Gardens. Published by Edition R.M.

Item 73036    
CASABLANCA Old Color Postcard Gardens Corniche Ain-Diab

Morocco Vintage Africa Colour Hand Tinted Picture Postcard. Casablanca (Maroc), Gardens, Jardins sur la Corniche d'Ain-Diab, Ain Diab. Palm Trees. Sent from Casablanca to Clichy Seine France. Published by Photo Flandrin