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Item 20723    
Germany Malmo Sweden 1990 LUFTHANSA First Flight DANCER

Swedish Dancers in Traditional Custome Dancing illustrated Airmail Erstflug Card LH 5426, Saab Fairchild SF 340, Germany Koln - Malmo Schweden. 11.11.1990. With stamp 125th Anniversary of German Lifeboat Institution 60pf. Sent from Koln / Bonn to Malmo Sturup Sweden.

Item 20720    
Germany London Gatwick 1990 LUFTHANSA First Flight Card

British Royal Guard with gun Illustrated Airmail Erstflug Card LH 1628, Boeing 737, Germany Berlin Tegel - London Gatwick UK. 28.10.1990. With stamp 1986 Famous German Women Dorothea Erxleben (first German woman Doctor of Medicine) 60pf. Sent from Berlin to London Gatwick Horrley Surrey.

Item 20717    
Frankfurt Berlin 1990 LUFTHANSA B747 First Flight Card

Airmail Erstflug Card LH 700, Boeing 747, Germany Frankfurt - Berlin Schonefeld - Tokyo. 29.10.1990. DBP60 Deutsche Bundespost postage label. Sent from Frankfurt Am Main to Berlin.

Item 20713    
Germany Hamburg Berlin 1990 LUFTHANSA First Flight Card

Airmail Erstflug Card LH 407, Airbus A310, Newark - Hamburg - Berlin Schonefeld. 29.10.1990 With stamps 1986 Famous German Women Paula Modersohn-Becker (painter) & 1990 Reunification 50pf German Unity and National Colours. Sent from Hamburg to Berlin (30.10.1990).

Item 20711    
Germany USA Newark 1990 LUFTHANSA First Flight Card

US flags New York World Trade Centre Twin Towers, Airmail Erstflug LH 402, Airbus A310, Frankfurt - Newark. 25.3.1990. With stamps 1986 Famous German Women Emma Ihrer (politician and trade unionist) 5pf & 25 Jahre Jugend Forscht 25th Anniversary of Youth Research Science Competition 100pf Maze. Sent from Frankfurt Am Main to Newark United States.

Item 20709    
Germany Nizza France 1986 LUFTHANSA First Flight Card

Beach Coast illustrated Airmail Erstflug Card, LH 154 Boeing 737,Hamburg - Nizza. 30.03.86. With stamps 1985 Birth Centenary of Egon Erwin Kisch (journalist) 60pf. Sent from Hamburg to Nizza Frankreich.

Item 20708    
Munich Boston USA 1986 LUFTHANSA B747 First Flight Card

Yachts Boats illustrated Airmail Erstflug Card, LH 422 Boeing 747, Munchen Germany - Boston Mass United States. 30.03.86. With stamps 1975 Industry and Technology 40pf Space Laboratory Space Shuttle & 1985 300th Anniversary of Edict of Postdam (admitting Huguenots to Prussia), Seal of Brandenburg Prussia and Preamble of Edict 50pf. Sent from Munich to Boston United States.

Item 20683    
Germany 1976 LH 901 A 300 Lufthansa - First Flight Card

Airmail Erstflug LH 901 Airbus A 300, Frankfurt - Dusseldorf. With stamps of 400th Death Anniversary of Hans Sachs (poet and composer) 40pf. Cover pages, from Hans Sachs' Books & 1975 Telecommunication Satellite 5pf. Sent from Frankfurt to Dusseldorf.

Item 20681    
Germany 1976 LH 730 & 726 Lufthansa First Flight Card

Airmail Erstflug LH 730 Airbus A 300, Dusseldorf - Frankfurt. Flug - Nr. geandert in LH 726. With stamps of 400th Death Anniversary of Hans Sachs (poet and composer) 40pf. Cover pages, from Hans Sachs' Books & 1975 Telecommunication Satellite 5pf. Sent from Dusseldorf to Frankfurt Flughafen.

Item 20636    
USA 1976 Japan T.S. Nippon Naru Ship Sail / Airmail PSC

US Airmail Postal Stationery Card 18c Eagle (Visit USA Bicentennial Era), upgraded with 3c Green Black Hills South Dakota Mount Rushmore National Memorial 1927-1952. Charity slogan - Strike Back at Cancer GIVE American Cancer Society. Operation Sail '76 Japanese flag. . Sent from New York to Germany Munchen.

Item 19711    
Yugoslavia ART Vase 1973 Lufthansa Voloder Flight Card

Airmail Flight Card, Voloderska Jesen Voloder 23.9.1973, Deutsche Lufthansa / Jugoslav Airlines. With stamp from 1972 Yugoslav Art, Still Life. 50p. Painting Flowers, Fruit Dish and Broken Majolica Vase (Milos Tenkovic). Sent to Zagreb Jugoslavija / Hotel Esplanade Intercontinental.

Item 19709    
Switzerland Olympic HQ 1986 Lufthansa First Flight Card

illustrated Airmail Erstflug Card, LH 221, Boeing 737, Geneve - Munich Germany. 30.3.86. With stamps from 1984 Publicity Issue Olympic rings and Lausanne 80c, Permanent headquarters of International Olympic Committee at Lausanne.. Sent from Geneva to Munchen.

Item 19708    
Switzerland Munich 1986 Reg Lufthansa First Flight Card

illustrated Airmail Erstflug Card, LH 221, Boeing 737, Registered from Geneve - Munich Germany. 30.3.86. With stamps from 1981 Pro Patria Postal Signs 70c+30c Gordola Post Office Sign (Ticino Cantonal Post), 1982 Publicity Issue Retort Centenary of Swiss Society of Chemical Industries. SGCI SSIC 1882-1982, Signs of the Zodiac and Landscapes Aquarius and Old Berne 1f. Sent from Geneva to Munchen.

Item 19700    
France Nizza - Hamburg 1986 Lufthansa First Flight Card

Beach, Coast IllustratedAirmail Flight Card, Erstflug, LH 155, Boeing 737. 30.3.1986. With stamp from 1985 Trees Scotch Elm 2f. Ulmus montana. Sent from Nice-Marche-Aux-Fleurs Alpes-Mmes to Hamburg.

Item 15689    
East Germany 1976 IF TU Exhibition Special Flight Cover

Airmail Envelope, Sonderflugpost Leipziger Fruhjahrsmesse 1976, Leipzig - Zurich Switzerland. IF 704 mit TU 134. 13-21.3.1976. With stamps of Art Treasures of Dresden's Green Vaults. 1971 Insignia of the Golden Fleece 10pf & 30pf St. George medallion c1570 (horse rider)

Item 15579    
Germany Zagreb Yugoslavia 1967 Lufthansa PS Flight Card

Postal Stationery Postcard 20pf upgraded with 10pf stamp, Munchen 87 Aufnahme des Luftverkehrs nach Zagreb. Sent from Munich to Zagreb Croatia. PSC 20pf + 10pf Dresden / Sachsen

Item 15488    
Germany KIEL 1990 Special Mit Ballonpost - Flight Card

Kieler Woche 1990. UNESCO. Sonderballonpostfahrt. Sent from Kiel. 30pf Schloss Celle Castle

Item 15476    
East Germany 70pf Golden Eagle 1966 Flight Cover - PRAG

GDR Airmail Envelope. Sent from Leipzig to Praha Czechoslovakia CSSR.

Item 14398    
Robert & Anne Serche of Northleach 1501 Religious Card

Robert & Anne Serche of Northleach 1501. Religious Postcard.

Item 12232    
Switzerland Old Multiview Card Monch Mountains JUNGFRAU

Early Swiss Postcard,

Item 7381    
Germany 1893 Post Card 5 Pf Reichspost GOERLITZ - HALLE

With arrival postmark. Gebr. Naumann, Gorlitz Louisenstrasse 3. Deutsche Reichspost Postkarte. Sent from Goerlitz to Halle / Saale. Reichspost 5 Pf green

Item 5431    
Germany 1976 LH 726 Lufthansa First Flight Satellite 5p

Dusseldorf - Frankfurt Am Main. Airbus A300 Stamps of Hans Sachs 1494 / 1576 & 5pf Satellite. With arrival.

Item 5131    
Germany 1969 NASA Phot Apollo 12 FISA Flight Card Space

Photo from Nasa illustration on card. Tag der Aerophilatelie, Apollo 12 nach der Trennung vom Mondlander im Mondorbit im Zeichen der Luft und Raumfahrt. Fresh Unused.

Item 5111    
Yugoslavia Lufthansa Airmail Flight Card 1973 Voloder

Vnivera v Ljvbljani stamp on Air mail card, Voloderska Jesen Voloder. JAT. 23.9.1973.

Item 5108    
United Nations 1982 FIRST Day of Issue Card to Germany

Airmail card addressed to Taunusstein West Germany, 28 April 1982.

Item 5091    
East Germany 1982 Exhibition stamp 10+5 on Card LEIPZIG

Ausstellung Junger Philatelisten der DDR GDR Gera 1976. Gera um 1652 stamp.

Item 4453    
Germany Zaire 1985 LUFTHANSA First Flight Card Airplane

Airmail Luftpost flight card, LH 556 airbus A300 Frankfurt - Douala - Kinshasa. Addressed to Republique du Zaire, with Kinshasa arrival on reverse.

Item 4448    
Germany - Canada - USA 1966 Lufthansa First Flight Card

German bottom marginal stamp 10pf on card, Porz - Flughafen Koln / Bonn Erste Direkverbindung Nach Montreal und San Francisco.

Item 4360    
Germany 1986 Card AIRPLANE CARD Lufthansa Cologne Bonn

Flight Sent to Zuerich (Arrival on Reverse)

Item 4354    
Germany 1966 Card NUREMBERG FORT Berlin Memorial Church

Flight Card. Werbeschau "Lufthansa zu Gast bei Merkur". Nuernberg.

Item 4346    
Germany 1966 Card FRANKFURT /M Albertus Magnus Stamps

Lufthansa first flight LH736.

Item 2774    
Germany 1929 Card STOCKACH Friedrich Ebert ENGEN Baden

Visiting Card, Bulksale in Toys, Christmas tree decorations (Besuchs-Anzeige, Grosshandlung in Kurz-, Galanteriewaren, Spielwaren, Christbaumschmuck.)

Item 1884    

Bank Statement Card "Bezirks-Sparkasse Engen".

Item 1877    
Germany 1930 Card ENGEN Baden HINDENBURG Stamp 5pf Used

Postkarte 5pf Green.

Item 519    

Stamp tied on card, Rheinl. Children hand in hand.

Item 497    
Germany 1955 Hannover Card BRANDENBURGER GATE Berlin

Stamp tied on piece, with Hannover Messegelande Deutschland Treffen postmark 20a.