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Item 99314    
Egypt Old Postcard Bedouins Camel Caravan GIZA PYRAMIDS Camels

Vintage Egyptian Picture Postcard. Africa, Le Caire - Caravane de bedouins aux abords des Pyramides de Guizeh. Cairo - Caravan of Bedouins near the Pyramids of Giza. Egypte. Animals. Panorama. Desert. Giza (Arabic, الجيزة, transliterated al-ǧīzah; pronounced in the Egyptian Arabic dialect of Cairo al-Gīza; also sometimes rendered in English as Gizeh, Ghizeh, or Geezeh) is a town in Egypt on the left bank of the Nile river, across from the old city of Cairo, and now part of the greater Cairo metropolis. It is the capital of Al Jizah governorate, and is located in the northeast of this governorate, near its border.
Published by L.C.

Item 99054    
Morocco Tanger Old LL Postcard Oasis Washerwomen Camels

Morocco Vintage Old Maroc Postcard. Africa. Tangiers, Une Oasis aux environs de Tanger. Washerwomen, Children & Camels. L.L. No. 6105. Published by LL

Item 95917    
CAMELS Camellos, Santa Cruz de TENERIFE Old RP Postcard

Spain Early Larger Real Photo Postcard. Animals. CAMELS Camellos Cameils. Santa Cruz de TENERIFE. Por Avion. Sent to England. 3p
Published by L. Montanes Zaragoza

Item 94940    
Egypt Old Colour Postcard Arabe Arab Marriage Camels - Fiances, Ethnic Life

Vintage Egyptian Colour Postcard. Ethnic Life. Camels. Native Arab Marriage. Mariage Arabe. Camels. Les Fiances. Published by Edition des Galeries de France Alger

Item 92439    
Egypt Old UB Postcard CAIRO Road Drive to Pyramids Rail

Vintage Egyptian Undivided Back Picture Post card, The Road / Drive to the Pyramids. Le Caire, La Route des Pyramides. Trees. Camel Rider. Railroad.

Item 90969    
Egypt Old Tuck's Oilette Postcard Quaint Corner in Cairo Street Scene

Vintage Egyptian Tuck's Oilette Art Artist Drawn Picture Post card. Le Caire. Native Street Scene, Native man and Camel. A Quaint Corner in Old Cairo. / This is a good example of a street scene in old Cairo. The Mosque in the distance dates from the 16th century. Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons OILETTE Picturesque Egypt

Item 86932    
Eritrea Ethiopia Old Postcard Fermata Carovane - CHEREN

Eritrea Asmara Ethiopia Vintage Postcard. Africa. Mountains, Camels, Tree. Panorama. Camel Caravan. Fermata di carovane presso Cheren. Asmara, formerly known as Asmera, is the capital city in Eritrea. It is on the edge of an escarpment that is both the northwestern edge of the Great Rift Valley and of the Eritrean highlands.
Published by A. Baratti Asmara

Item 86410    
Egypt Old Postcard Cairo PYRAMIDS Camel Riders & Camels

Vintage Egyptian Undivided Back Postcard. Ethnic Life. Africa, Egypt. Le Caire, Cairo. Groupe des chameaux et Pyramides. Group of Camels. Native Camel Riders in Water. Nil Nile River. Published by Filippo Bella Port Said

Item 86348    
Egypt Old Postcard Chameaux Voyage, Camels Camel Riders

Vintage Egyptian Undivided Back Picture Postcard. Africa. Ethnic Life. Animals. Camels. Native travellers. Camel Riders. Chameaux de Voyage. Published by L. & B. Isaac Behar Port-Said

Item 85441    
Algeria Old Postcard Scenes et Types, Un Fondouk Camels

Algeria Vintage B/W Postcard. Un Fondouk. Camels, North Africa. Street Scene. Gate. L.L. No. 6127. Published by LL

Item 83938    
Egypt Old Postcard Charge de Paille Chameau Straw Camel

Vintage Egyptian Picture Postcard. Egypt Africa. Ethnic Life. Native Man with Camel. Straw. Charge de Paille sur un Chameau. Palm Trees. Published by S.I.P.

Item 83902    
Egypt Old Postcard Cairo BEDRECHEN Arab Village, Camels

Vintage Egyptian Postcard. Africa, Egypt. Le Caire, Vue Generale de Bedrechen, Village Arabe. Palm Trees. Camels. General View. Published by THe Cairo Postcard Trust Cairo 60269

Item 82935    
Tunisia 1921 Postcard Camel Caravan Cross River Camels

Vintage Colour Old Postcard. Africa Tunisia, Caravane de Transport traversant un Oued. Camels. Camel Caravan Crossing River. Published by ND Phot

Item 82873    
Aux Bords de l'Oued, Camels Drinking Water Old Postcard

Africa Vintage Postcard. Ethnic Life, Native Man on Camel Rider. Aux Bords de l' Oued. Camels Drinking Water. Published by Impr. A.D.I.A. 55 ch. de St-Roch NICE

Item 82825    
Touaregs Camels, Arab Travellers in Desert Old Postcard

Vintage Postcard. Africa Ethnic Life. Touaregs Camels and Arab Travellers in Desert. Camel Riders. Published by Impr. A.D.I.A. 55 ch. de St-Roch NICE

Item 77989    
LLAMA Animal South American Camels Suffolk Old Postcard

Early Colour Postcard. LLAMA Animal, Sometimes called South American Camels, The Suffolk Wild Life and Country Park, Kessingland. Published by A Cotman-Color Series Postcard Jarrold & Sons

Item 73175    
Africa Old Postcard CAMEL VINTAGE MOTOR CAR Street View

Vintage South Africa Real Photo Picture Postcard, Ethnic Life. Native Street Scene, Camel. Western Men on Vintage Motor Car. Camel resting.

Item 71191    
Egypt Old RP Postcard Camels & Natives Crossing BRIDGE

Vintage Black and White Real Photo Picture Postcard. Africa, Middle East. Egyptian ETHNIC LIFE. Costumes. Native Veiled Arabe Woman with basket on head. Camel with Coconuts Cocoanuts. Crossing the Bridge.

Item 64391    
Egypt CAMEL Desert Old Color Postcard Chameau en Desert

Vintage Colour Egyptian Postcard. Ethnic Life. Natives & Camel in Desert. Chameau en desert. Published by Lichtenstern & Harari

Item 58785    
Camels Old R.P. Postcard - CAMEL CARAVAN - Une Caravane

Vintage B/W Real Photo Photographic Postcard. Camel Caravan. Une Caravane. Published by C.A.P.

Item 47998    
Algeria 1913 LL Old Postcard CAMELS Vue a l'Oued Bayech

Vitnage B/W Postcard. Vue a l'Oued Bayech. Camels. Africa. L.L. No. 6105. Sent to France. 5c Sower
Published by LL

Item 26873    
Egypt Old Real Photo Postcard KHOUPHOU PYRAMID & CAMEL

Early RP B/W Postcard. The Khouphou / KHUFU Pyramid, Camel. ETHNIC. . Published by Forts

Item 10184    
Egypt Old Postcard BEDOUINS ON CAMELS to the Field

Egypte - En route pour les champs. Egypt - En route for the field. Published by L.C.