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Item 201976    
Malacca Old Real Photo Postcard Native Farmer Ploughing with Buffalo Paddy Field

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Photographic Old Postcard. Malaya Malay Straits Settlements. Malacca. Native Farmer Working in Paddy Field. Fields. Agriculture. Ethnic Life. Ploughing with Buffalo. Written on back : This is very similar to Bangkok scenery. Malacca (Malay: Melaka) is the 3rd smallest state of Malaysia, after Perlis and Penang. It is located in the southern region of the Malay Peninsula, on the Straits of Malacca. It borders Negeri Sembilan to the north and the state of Johor to the east. The capital is Malacca Town.

Item 201036    
Philippines 1924 Old Postcard The Patient Carabau Cattle Water Buffalo Rider Man

Vintage Old Colour Post card, Philippines, Philippine Islands, P.I. The Patient Carabau, Cattle, Native Water Buffalo Rider. Philippine Islands. Ethnic Life. 1924. Baguio, on the Philippines’ Luzon island, is a mountain town of universities and resorts.
Published by Cardinell-Vincent Co. Mfg. for Philippine Education Co. Manila P.I.

Item 200320    
India Old Postcard Elephant Statue Buffalo Rider Hindu Indian Gods Deities Sword

Vintage British Indian Old Postcard, India, Elephant Statue, Buffalo Rider, Hindu Indian Gods Deities, Man with Sword. Published by The Phototype Company Bombay

Item 198577    
Indochina Old Postcard Village Annamite Annam Street Scene Water Buffalo Dog Man

Vintage Old Postcard. French Indochina Indochine Indo-China Indo-Chine. Vietnam. Annam. Ethnic Life. Village Annamite, Annam, Native Street Scene, Man, Woman, Water Buffalo and a Dog. Published by Plante editeur Saigon

Item 198558    
China Old Colour Postcard Buffalo Cattle Farmer Working the RICE FIELDS Shanghai

Vintage Colour Old Post Card, China, Shanghai. Ethnic Life. Native Chinese Farmer & Buffalo, Working the Rice Fields in China. Farming. Agriculture. Paddy Fields. Panorama. Published by The Universal Postcard & Picture Co. Shanghai Kingshill Edit

Item 198256    
China Old Postcard Farming at Present Day Chinese Farmer Buffalo Cattle Shanghai

Vintage Old Postcard. China. Chinese Ethnic Life. Agriculture. Farming at Present Day. Native Chinese Farmer and Buffalo Cattle at Work. Plowing Ploughing Field. Chinaman. Costumes. Shanghai. Published by Denniston & Sullivan Shanghai

Item 196836    
Burma Old Colour Postcard Burmese Buffalo Cart Buffaloes Native Driver Ethnic 29

Vintage Old Colour Postcard. Burma Myanmar Burmese. Burmese Buffalo Cart. Drawn by 2, two Buffaloes. Native Man. Ethnic Life. Published by D.A. Ahuja Rangoon

Item 195160    
India Old Postcard A BHISTIE with Bullock Bull Buffalo wear Bell Pots Native Man

Vintage British Indian Old Postcard. India, Native Man - A BHISTIE with BULLOCK. Bull Cattle Buffalo. Vases. Pots. Published by D. Macropolo & Co. Calcutta

Item 195146    
India Old Postcard The Buffalo Cart, Agra, Buffaloes Native Driver K. Lall & Co.

Vintage British Indian Old postcard. India, Ethnic Life. The Buffalo Cart, Agra, 2 Buffaloes Drawn Cart & Native Driver. Animals. Published by K. Lall & Co. Agra

Item 193746    
India Old UB Postcard MIXING MORTAR, Cattle Water Buffalo at Work Native Workers

Vintage Undivided Back British Indian Old Postcard. India, Mixing Mortar. Ethnic Life. Native Men and Cattle Water Buffalo Buffaloes at Work. Mixing Mortar.

Item 192407    
Singapore Old Real Photo Postcard Little Boy Riding Water Buffalo, Native Farmer

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Photographic Old Postcard, Straits Settlements Malay Malaya. Singapore. Ethnic Life. Happy Little Boy riding Water Buffalo, Children. Animals. Rural Malay Scene. Native Farmer. Paddy Fields.

Item 188741    
Taiwan Formosa China Old Postcard Puli Hori Plain, Farmer Buffalo, Palm Trees 埔里

Vintage Old Colour Picture Postcard. Japan Japanese Occupation Period. China Formosa Taiwan Taiwanese. A View of Hori Plain. Puli. Palm Trees. Native Straw Hut. Farmer and Buffalo working in Paddy Field. Panorama. Ethnic Life. Nantou County. 台灣 埔里沿道之小景. Puli is a township of Nantou County, in central Taiwan. It sits in a verdant basin, ringed by mountains. The Geographic Center of Taiwan monument marks the exact center of the country.
Published by 生蕃屋商店發行

Item 188637    
Ceylon Old Postcard Buffalo Buffaloes Ploughing Paddy Fields, Girl, Calf No. 118

Vintage Old Post card, Sri Lanka Ceylan Ceylon Ethnic Life. Agriculture. Buffalo Buffaloes Ploughing Paddy Fields, Girl, Calf. Published by Plate Ltd Colombo

Item 187402    
Buffalo Herd Buffaloes Yellowstone National Park Winter Animals USA Old Postcard

Vintage Colour Old Postcard. The Buffalo Herd Buffaloes, Yellowstone National Park, Animals, Winter Snowy Landscape. Hills. Snow. USA. Haynes Photo. Yellowstone National Park is a nearly 3,500-sq.-mile wilderness recreation area atop a volcanic hot spot. Mostly in Wyoming, the park spreads into parts of Montana and Idaho too.
Published by F. Jay Haynes St. Pual. Minh. Official Photographer Yellowstone Nat'l Park

Item 185676    
Thailand Bangkok A Sledge Water Buffalo Plough Native Woman & House Old Postcard

Vintage Old Postcard. Thailand, Thai Siam Siamese. Ethnic Life. Bangkok, A Sledge. Water Buffalo Plough Ploughing Field.Animal. Agriculture. Native Woman carrying Baby Child. House Hut on Stilts. Farmer. BKK.

Item 184791    
Egypt Old Postcard Un Puits Well Cattle Buffaloes Drawing Water Irrigation Women

Vintage Old Colour Postcard. Africa Egypte Egypt. Ethnic Life. Un Puits Well, Cattle Buffaloes Drawing Water Irrigation. Man and Women. Sunset. Fields. Published by CAP

Item 184717    
China Old Postcard Cowboy Chinese Buffalo and I Would Like to Meet You By and By

Vintage Colour Art Artist Drawn Old Postcard. Hong Kong China Chinese Comic. Ethnic Life. Animal. Children. Little Boy. A cowboy, cowhand. Traditional Costumes. Cattle. My Chinese Buffalo and I Would Like to Meet You By & By.

Item 183638    
India Old Postcard An Indian Sculptor, Native Man sculpting Buffalo Cattle Bulls

Vintage Old British Indian Postcard. India, Ethnic Life. An Indian Sculptor, Native Man with painted face forehead, sculpting Buffalo Cattle Oxen Bull.

Item 181969    
India Old Postcard Markandaya Markandeya Hindu Rishi Sage Elephant Buffalo Rider

Vintage British Indian Old Postcard. India. Markandaya Markandeya, Hindu Rishi Sage, Elephant, Buffalo Rider. Cattle Calf. Sword. Markandeya is an ancient rishi (sage) from the Hindu tradition, born in the clan of Bhrigu Rishi. He is celebrated as a devotee of both Shiva and Vishnu and is mentioned in a number of stories from the Puranas.
Published by The Phototype Company Bombay

Item 180315    
China Old Real Photo Native Chinese Farmer & Water Buffalo Buffaloes Agriculture

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Card. China, Ethnic Life. Agriculture. Houses, Native Chinese Farmer & Water Buffalo Buffaloes. Animals. 13.3cm x 8.6cm.

Item 178955    
Malay Ploughing Paddy Land Field Water Buffalo & Farmer Old Real Photo Postcard

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Picture Postcard. Malaya Malay Straits Settlements. Ethnic Life. Malay Ploughing Paddy Land, Paddies, Paddy Field, with Water Buffalo. Native Farmer. Agriculture. Published by The Federal Rubber Stamp Co.

Item 174264    
China Old Postcard Chinaman Riding Water Buffalo Boy-Keeper A Roller Ethnic Life

Vintage Old Picture Postcard. China, Ethnic Life. Native Chinese Man Chinaman Riding Water Buffalo, Boy-Keeper, A Roller. Children. Published by Edward Evans Book-Room Shanghai

Item 168538    
Egypt F. Goodall Old Postcard Cairo Pyramids, Waters of Nile Flood Drawing Water

Vintage Egyptian Old Art Artist Drawn Postcard. Africa Egypte Egypt. Ethnic Life. Pyramids. Le Caire, Les Pyramides. Flood, Flooded Nil Nile River Flooding. Palm Trees, Village Scene. Natives Native Women Drawing Water. Buffaloes, Cattle, Camel Rider. Panorama. The Waters of The Nile. Manchester Art Gallery. F. Goodall R.A. Published by Eyre & Spottiswoode Ltd Woodbury Series

Item 167147    
Egypt Old Postcard Laboureur indigene Native labourer Cattle Buffaloes Ploughing

Vintage Colour Old Egyptian Picture Postcard. Egypte Africa Egypt. Ethnic Life. Laboureur indigène. Native labourer. Farmers. Cattle Buffaloes Ploughing Fields. Published by Ephtimios Freres Port Said

Item 158714    
Indo-China 5c. 1908 Old Postcard Tonkin Temple Pagoda of Miracles Buffalo Riders

Vintage Old Postcard. Indochine Francaise French Indo-China Indochina Indo-Chine, Vietnam Tonkin - Sept Pagodes - Pagoda des Miracles. Temple Gate, Pagoda of Miracles. Cattle. Buffaloes. Buffalo Riders. Animals. Ethnic Life. Postally Used in 1908 with 5c stamp. Sent from Tonkin Hanoi to Cholon. 5c
Tonkin, also spelled Tongkin or Tongking, is the northernmost part of Vietnam.
Published by P. Dieulefils Hanoi

Item 158236    
India Old Hand Tinted Postcard BEATER & BISON Native Hunters Hunting Ethnic Life

Vintage Colour British Indian Hand Tinted Old Postcard. India, Beater & Bison. Buffalo. Ethnic Life. Animals. Native Hunters. Hunting. Published by D. Macropolo & Co. Calcutta

Item 155036    
Indo-China Old Hand Tinted Postcard Tonkin Hanoi Village du Papier Boy & Buffalo

Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Postcard. French Indochina Indo-China Indochine Indo-Chine. Vietnam, Tonkin - Hanoi - Village du Papier. Ethnic Life. Children Boys riding Buffaloes. Buffalo. Animals. Native Huts Houses, Palm trees. 安南. Published by Collection P. Dieulefils Hanoi 53 Rue Jules Ferry Hanoi

Item 151860    
China Old Postcard Cowboy, My Chinese Buffalo & I Would Like to Meet You By & By

Vintage Colour Art Artist Drawn Picture Postcard. China Chinese Comic. Ethnic Life. Animal. Children. Little Boy. A cowboy, cowhand. Traditional Costumes. Cattle. My Chinese Buffalo and I Would Like to Meet You By & By.

Item 151115    
Australia Old R.P. Postcard The Horn 5760 ft Mt. Buffalo Vic. Victoria Mountains

Vintage Australia Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. Australia, Mountains, The Horn, 5760 ft., Mountain Mt. Buffalo Vic. Victoria. Published by Valentine's Series

Item 146916    
Taiwan China Formosa Old Postcard A Country View Buffalo Native Farmer Boy House

Vintage Old Colour Picture Postcard. Ethnic Life. 1928 China Taiwan Chinese, A Country View, Formosa. Buffalo Bathing in River. Buffaloes. Animals. Native Taiwanese Farmers and Young Boy. House. Village Street Scene. Countryside. 臺灣 水牛卜土塊家屋. Published by 生蕃屋商店發行