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Item 49993    
BIRTHDAY Castle Ruins & Roses - Old Greetings Postcard

Early Real Photo Colour Postcard. To Wish You Birthday Happiness. Ruins, Rose Flowers. May this Birthday brighter be.

Item 49990    
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KG6 Old Colour Postcard Fountain Flowers

Early embossed Greetings Colour Postcard. May you have a Happy Birthday. Though my wishes are unspoken, they are non the less sincere, may health and happiness be yours for many and many a year. Sent to Eltham. KG6 1/2d

Item 49969    

Vintage Colour Greetings Embossed Postcard. A Birthday Wish to my Dear Son. Sailing Boats, Flower. Published by Rotary Photographic Series

Item 48698    
Mountain River Rock Old Artist Signed Postcard BIRTHDAY

Vintage Art Drawn Colour Postcard. A Very Happy Birthday. Though far apart still let me say I think of you this happy day. Mountains, Rocks. Trees. A Beautiful card. Published by P.F.A.P. Series B101

Item 47474    
Actress Rita Martin Birthday Greeting 1910 Old Postcard

Vintage Colour Real Photo Embossed PPC, Actress. Rita Martin. To Greet My sister on her birthdaqy. I cannot read the future years for lifes a book that's sealed, but in its pages year by year, may all that makes this would most dear for you, stand clear, revealed. F.F. Brooks. Sent from Bolton to Lancs. KG5 1d
Published by Rotary Photographic Series

Item 46266    

Vintage Real Photo Framed & Embossed Colour Postcard. My Best Wishes for my Brother's Birthday. Flowers. This card would wish you Brother dear all Birthday Joys unending, and in the future gladness true with fortune kind befriending.

Item 46246    
BIRTHDAY Greeting Old Postcard RED ROSES To My Dear Son

Vintage Embossed Real Photo Colour Postcard. To my Dear Son Birthday. Red Roses. Flowers. Al formal greeting send to say I wish you happiness today, a written line can still impart the inner wishes of my heart.

Item 46240    
Birthday Greetings Old Postcard ROSES & Pearl Necklace

Vintage Real Photo Colour Postcard. Red Roses, Best of Birthday Wishes. Flowers in Butterfly Vase, Pearl Necklaces. The rose is just the sweetest flower that ever grew in garden gay, because it has the magic power of telling all that love would say. Published by Rotary Photo T 320-3

Item 42153    
White Elephant Statue and Flowers Birthday Greetings Old Postcard Animals

Vintage French Colour Greeting Picture Postcard, A Bright Future of the many Birthday greetings, that await this gladsome day, none can be more sincere than mine, your future hours be gay. White elephant statue. Published by Cobette

Item 35799    
Greetings KE8 Old Postcard BIRTHDAY HAPPINESS Red Roses

Early Embossed Colour Postcard. Wishing you Birthday Happiness. Red Rose Flowers. Real Photograph. May good Fortune walk beside you, and keep in step alway, and grant you all you most desire, upon your glad Birthday. Sent from Selly Oak Birmingham to Selly Oak. King Edward 8th 1d

Item 35773    
BIRTHDAY Greeting Old Colour Postcard Thatched Cottages

Old Colour Postcard. Good Luck on Your Birthday. Thatched cottage. Friendly greetings come to cheer you, Happiness be ever near you, Good luck lead you by the way, Where the path is bright and gay.

Item 35759    
BIRTHDAY GREETINGS to my Grandchild 1914 Postcard Boats

Old Colour Postcard. Loving Birthday Greetings to my Grandchild. Flowers, Boats. Ships. The best of Birthdays to you, dear, A happy and a lucky year, with radiant health of which to boast, and all the things which you want most, a trusting heart to love will cling, and thus its own sweet joy will bring, so want of love ne'er cause you pain, but love and be beloved again.

Item 35745    
Greetings Old Postcard LOVING BIRTHDAY WISHES Flowers

Early B/W Postcard. Loving Birthday Wishes. Flowers. May all the years ahead, Be full of happy days, And every path you tread, Be set in pleasant ways. Published by H.B. Ltd

Item 33950    
Greetings Old Colour Postcard BIRTHDAY WISH Waterfall

Old Colour Postcard. Birthday Wish. May all your future days be bright and filled with God's eternal light. Waterfall.

Item 30020    
Edwardian Old Postcard Glamour Woman Birthday Greetings

Edwardian Era Early Hand Tinted Colour Real Photo Picture Postcard, Glamourous Lady. A Birthday Wish. Upon this anniversary, Warm wishes I would say, That God, the joy of love and peace will shed upon your way. Published by E. J. Hey & Co. NPG

Item 27065    
Birthday Flowers Gold Embossed Old Greetings Postcard

Early Framed Colour Postcard. Best Wishes for your Birthday. Flowers. As dawns the day again to greet you, May joy be yours without an end, and a wealth of gifts from one above, This is the sincere wish I send. Published by Regent Series

Item 25568    
Actress Miss Drina Verchesi Old Postcard HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Old B/W Real Photo Postcard. Greetings Happy Birthday to you. "May joy and gladness, gleaming bright and clear, shine o'er you now and in the coming days, and sunny happiness be ever near to cheer and bless you, dear, in all your ways.". Published by Rotary Photo

Item 16378    
Birthday Greetings 1924 Old Postcard YOUNG WOMAN Lady

Birthday Greetings, Girl. With fond love and thoughts so true, comes this birthday wish, to you, may your future pathway hold Happiness and joy untold. Sent from Norwich to Norwich. KG5 1d

Item 16369    
Roses Rose Flowers Old Postcard - On Your 21st Birthday

To wish you health and happiness on your 21st Birthday. Flowers. Rich in Health, Wealth, Humour, Be the Store of years before, Such is my wish to you, Manning. To wish you health and Happiness on your 21st Birthday. Published by W & K London EC

Item 16362    
BIRTHDAY WISHES Greetings Postcard - Natural Landscape

Framed & Embossed PPC, Best Birthday Wishes, Sunny may your Birthday Be, From the lightest shadow free, and as hours and days depart, Always sunshine in your heart. Sent to Norwich. Published by W & K, Wildt & Kray

Item 13590    
1931 Postcard Loving Message to my dear Mother Flowers

Greetings Old Real Photo Photograph PPC, beautifully framed, A Loving Message to my Dear Mother. Carnation. The best of Mothers, staunch and tru. You have been to me, May Birthday joys each year renew, And many may you see.

Item 13579    
Greetings BIRTHDAY Embossed Old Postcard GIRL AT SUNSET

Happy Birthday Greetings. Flowers, Painting. A wreath of tiny tender Flowers. Culled from the dewy Spring-tide bowers. I send, and wish a Birthday glad. No thorns to make the Life-path sad. Sent to Watford.

Item 13557    
Greetings Old Photo RP Postcard MANY HAPPY RETURNS Park

Many happy Returns. Wishes true are sent to you At your Birthday's dawning, Joy be with you as you wake On this happy morning. Published by The Philco Photo Birthday Series. Printed in Italy

Item 12009    
BIRTHDAY Greetings Old Hand Coloured Postcard Castle

Early Embossed PPC, Real Photo & Handcoloured, Flowers, Happy Birthday. "To bring kindly wishes and hopes all sincere. For happiness now and through many a year".

Item 2444    
Happy Birthday Greeting Real Photo Postcard 1900 Rotary

Flowers, Pot, A very happy Birthday to You. Now that another Birthday's come, My thoughts are all with you, And lovingly I'm sending now A Greeting fond and true: So many blessings I would choose, such joys in each new day, With Health and Peace and Happiness, To Bless you on your way. - Willmer. Real Photograph PPC. Published by Rotary Photographic Series. Printed in Britain.