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Item 97799    
Ceylon Old Postcard, Along Coast from MT. LAVINIA HOTEL

Ceylon Sri Lanka Ceylan Vintage picture post card. Beach, Seaside, Rocks, Sands. Boats. Palm Trees. Panorama View Along Coast from Mount MT. LAVINIA HOTEL. Published by Plate & Co. Ceylon

Item 97239    
Spain Old RP Postcard SAN SEBASTIAN, Playa de la Concha

Vintage Spanish Real Photo Picture Postcard. San Sebastian, Playa de la Concha, Plage de la Concha. La Concha Beach. Panorama. Bar. Terrace. Published by Manipel Rtro.

Item 96277    
CLOVELLY On The Beach Fishing Boat Old Tuck's Oilette Postcard Cottage Fisherman

Devon Vintage Tuck's Oilette Art Artist Drawn Colour Old Postcard. Clovelly, The Beach, Fishing Boats. Fishermen. Cottage. / Clovelly is a primitive fishing village in North Devon, famous for its quaint beauty. It consists mainly of one precipitous street which runs down a rift in the cliff. The houses are built in a most irregular style along this street, each on a different level. Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons Oilette Clovelly

Item 96076    
SAINT-CAST 1932 Old Postcard Beach Plage heure du Bain

France Vintage French Picture Postcard. Saint-Cast (C-du-N) - Beach Seaside Panorama. La Plage a l' heure du Bain. Sent from Hants to Worthing. KGV 1d
Published by Laurent-Nel Rennes

Item 96075    
Camaret-sur-Mer 1923 Old Postcard Le Lion du Toulinguet

France Vintage French Postcard. Camaret-sur-Mer Finistere, Le Lion du Toulinguet. Beach, Seaside, Rocks. Sent to Hants. Camaret-sur-Mer (Breton: Kameled) is a commune of the Finistère département in France, located at the end of Crozon peninsula.
Published by Le Doare Phot. edit Chateaulin Finistere

Item 95515    
KNOCKE s/Mer Albert Plage La Digue - Beach Old Postcard

Belgium Vintage Postcard, Knocke sur-Mer, KNOCKE s/Mer - Albert-Plage La Plage et la Digue. Knocke a/Zee - Albert-Strand. Strand en Zeedijk. Beach Huts. Street Scene. Published by Ern Thill Bruxelles Nels

Item 95514    
KNOCKE s/Mer Albert Plage Lac Vic Pavilion Old Postcard

Belgium Vintage Postcard, Knocke sur-Mer, KNOCKE s/Mer - Albert-Plage Lac de la Victoire et le Pavillon. Knocke a/Zee - Albert-Strand. Aegemeer Paviljoen. Pavilion. Street scene. Vintage Motor Car. Published by Ern Thill Bruxelles Nels

Item 95503    
BIARRITZ Old UB Postcard Le Casino et la Place Bellevue

France Vintage French Undivided Back Postcard. Le Casino et la Place Bellevue. Beach Huts. Sands. Published by Ouvrard Phot.

Item 93611    
Brazil Brasil Rio de Janeiro Old Postcard Copacabana Posto LIFE GUAD

Brazil Brasil Vintage Old Real Photo Postcard, Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana Posto 6 Copacabana Life Guad 6 -. Rio de Janeiro Brasil. Fotolabor. 373 Beach. Seaside Panorama.

Item 93506    
Germany, Hiddensee Strand Fliederberg 1928 Old Postcard

Germany Vintage Postcard. Hiddensee, Strand mit Fliederberg. Beach. Rocks. Seaside. Sent from Hiddensee to Berlin. 8pf Beethoven
Hiddensee is a carfree island in the Baltic Sea, located west of Rügen on the German coast.

Item 93163    
Ceylon Old Postcard MOUNT LAVINIA - PALM COURT, Colombo

Vintage Sri Lanka Ceylan Picture Postcard. The Mount Lavinia Hotel. Coast, Sands, Beach, Palm Trees. Windy. Bench. Palm Court, Colombo. Published by M.B. Uduman's The Travellers Mart 14 York & Baillie Street Colombo

Item 93010    

Cornwall Vintage Real Photo Postcard. Cliffs & Rocks. Seaside. Coast Panorama. Teh Sands from Droskyn Point, Perranporth. Perranporth is a village on the north coast of Cornwall, England, near to Newquay. The village, and its Beach, face the Atlantic, with hundreds of miles of uninterupted fetch producing large waves, making it one of the most popular surfing destinations in Britain.
Published by English Series Photo Precision Real Photograph

Item 92795    
Bournemouth Cliffs Steps Sands 1906 Old Tuck's Oilett Postcard Rough Sea Seaside

Dorset Tuck's Oilette Art Drawn Postcard. Bournemouth. The Cliffs and Steps to The Sands, Beach. Seagulls. Rough Sea. Artist Signed by C. Newton. Sent from Guernsey to Guernsey. KEVII 1/2d
Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons Rough Seas

Item 92634    
Shanklin IOW 1932 Old Postcard BATHING BEACH Small Hope

Isle of Wight Vintage Real Photo Postcard. Beach Huts. Sands. The Bathing Beach, Small Hope. Vintage Motor Car. Seaside Panorama. Sent from Shanklin Isle of Wight to London. KGV 1/2d x 2
Published by Real Photograph

Item 92611    
Devon Old RP Postcard RAPPAREE Bathing Cove, Ilfracombe

Vintage Real Photo B/W Postcard. Rapparee Bathing Cove, Ilfracombe. Coast, Rocks. Boats. Beach Huts. Published by Twiss Bros The Arcade Ilfracombe

Item 91515    
Dance 1947 Old Postcard Different from BALLET at Office

S.H. Artist Signed Art Drawn Vintage Old Postcard. Seaside Comic Humour. Beach, Ladies, Women Dancing. This is different from the Ballet work at the office!. Sent from Ilfrancombe to Suffolk. KGVI 2d
Published by H.B. Ltd

Item 91483    
SKIP Old Postcard You Keep Work Going, I Carry On Here!

Early Funny SKIP Artist Signed Colour Postcard. Seaside Comic Humour. Man and Woman on Beach. You keep the work going at the office - I'll carry on down here!. Published by Coastal Cards Ltd Clacton-on-Sea

Item 91364    
Australia Old Postcard Sydney Head Balmoral Shewing Beach Seaside Panorama N.S.W

Vintage Colour Australian Old Postcard. Australia. Balmoral Shewing Beach, Sydney Head. New South Wales. N.S.W. Seaside Panorama. Published by S.W. The Kangaroo Series 1294

Item 91094    
Diamond Artist Signed Comic Humour Old Postcard I Living on Fat of Land Here

Vintage Art Drawn Colour Postcard, Comic, Seaside Humour. Cliffs, Beach. Young Lady Woman sitting on a Fat Man. I'm living on the fat of the land down here!. Published by Garland Rudolf & Co. Ltd

Item 90459    
Portrush Co. Antrim Old Postcard WHITE ROCKS and ARCHES

Northern Ireland Vintage Colour Irish Picture Post Card, Cliffs, Beach, The White Rocks and Arches Portrush. County Co. Antrim. Seaside Panorama. Published by Valentine Valcolor Series

Item 90413    
Torquay Old Postcard Corbyn's Head, Boats Beach & Rocks

Devon Vintage Colour Postcard. Torquay - Corbyn's Head. Boats, Beach Hut & Rocks Cliffs. Panorama. Frith's Series. Published by F. Frith & Co.

Item 90324    
Devon Old Postcard CLOVELLY We Are Seven DONKEYS, Boats

Vintage Postcard. Donkey. Clovelly "We are Seven". Donkeys. Beach, Boats. Animals. Published by T.W. Howard Post Office Clovelly

Item 89986    

Early TROW Artist Signed Colour Picture postcard, Seaside Humour, Comic. Beach. And how long could I stay for £2 ? 2 pounds. Beach Flights 15 mins 12'6, 25 mins £1 1 pound. Flights from Flipton-on-Sea Beach. Book now. Published by C. Richter

Item 89791    
Argent Moulleau-Arcachon Abbatilles Beach 1936 Postcard

France Old Vintage French Postcard. La Douce France. Cote d'Argent - Moulleau-Arcachon Mer et Foret - La Plage des Abbatilles. Beach Hut. Seaside Panorama., Sands. Trees. 20c Sower
Published by Yvon

Item 89752    
Brockington Brackington Beach & Rocks Old R.P. Postcard

Vintage Real Photo Postcard. Brockington / Brackington, Beach & Rocks. Seaside Panorama. Published by Jerome Ltd

Item 89379    
HOVE Sussex 1935 Old Postcard Beach & Western Esplanade

Vintage Real Photo Postcard. The Beach and Western Esplanade, Hove. Seaside Panorama. Children Bathers Bathing. Little Boys and Girls. Sent from Brighton & Hove Sussex to Fulham. KGV 1d

Item 89212    
N Ireland Antrim 1938 Postcard WHITE ROCKS Wishing Arch

Northern Ireland Vintage Old Irish Colour Picture Post Card, Cliffs, Beach, The White Rocks and The Wishing Arch Rock. County Co. Antrim Coast. (Empire Exhibition Glasgow May - October 1938). Sent from Belfast to Birkenhead. KGVI 1d
Published by SD Co. Phototone

Item 89082    
LLANDUDNO - GREAT ORME'S HEAD, North Wales Old Postcard

Vintage Postcard. Llandudno from Great Orme's Head. North Wales. Beach, Seaside Panorama. General View. Published by Photo Precision Ltd. English Series

Item 88871    
A.R. Quinton GARWICK BAY Beach Isle of Man Old Postcard

Isle of Man Vintage Colour ARQ Art Drawn Postcard. Garwick Bay, (a corner of Laxey Bay), Beach, Rocks, Boats. Panorama. I. of Man. Artist Signed. From an original water colour drawing / painting by A. R. Quinton. Published by J. Salmon

Item 88449    
France Paris-Plage P.-de.C. Atlantic Hotel Old Postcard

France Vintage French Picture Postcard, Paris-Plage (P.-de-C.) Atlantic Hotel. Published by Stevenard edit Boulogne-sur-Mer E.S.