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Item 200339    
India QV 1a Sea P.O. 1900 Old UB Postcard Esplanade Road Bombay TRAM, Court Size

Vintage British Indian Old Undivided Back Postcard. Court Size. India. Esplanade Road, Bombay, Street Scene TRAM Tramway Tramlines. Panorama. Postally Used in 1900 with Queen Victoria 1a one anna stamp, tied Bombay FE 17. 00. Sea Post Office FE. 17. 00. Addressed to Austria Wien, with Wien arrival postmark. Sent from Bombay to Austria Wien. Q.V. 1a
Mumbai (formerly Bombay) is the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra and is located on an island off the west coast of India.
Published by Clifton & Co. Bombay Photographic Bombay

Item 198448    
Austria In Tyrol Demanding Toll Hunter Dog Village Lass 1910 Old Tuck's Postcard

Vintage Old Art Artist Drawn Postcard, 1910. Tuck's Oilette In The Tyrol. Demanding Toll. Austria. Hunter with Gun. Hunting Dog. Girl Lady young woman holding basket of yellow flowers. Mountains. Demanding Toll. A pretty incident noticed by the artist in the Tyrol. A sportsman returning from his day's hunt meets a village lass at a point where the road crosses a brook by means of a narrow bridge. He gallantly demands a kiss as toll-money, and we can only express the hope that the bold adventurer was not disappointed. Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons Oilette The Tyrol

Item 197681    
Austria Spittal an der Drau Karnten Kaernten Bridge River Hill Panorama Postcard

Larger Colour Postcard. Austria, Spittal an der Drau, Kärnten, Karnten Kaernten, Bridge River Scene, Mountains, Hills, Panorama, General View. Postally Used with 5s stamp. 5s

Item 197428    
I.R. Austrian Exhibition Earl's Court London 1906, Empress Hall Old ART Postcard

Vintage Art Artist Drawn Old Colour Post card, I. R. Austrian Exhibition 1906 Earl's Court, London S.W. Empress Hal, Tyrolian Village by Kautsky & Rottonara Vienna. Wien. Hills. Ruins. Hut. Mountains. Published by Printed by Frederic Jasper, Vienna.

Item 191508    
Egypt 1898 Old UB Postcard Philae Island Kiosk Tibere Rapid River First Cataract

Vintage Egyptian Old Undivided Back Art Artist Drawn Multiview Picture Postcard. Egypte Africa Egypt, Phylae Philae Island Temple Ruins. Phylae Kiosk of Tibère, Kiosque de Tibere dans l'Ile de Philoe. Palm Trees. Le Grand Rapid de la Premiere Cataracte. The Great Rapid of the First Cataract. River Scene. Postally Used in 1898 with stamp removed, addressed to Wien (Vienna) Austria with arrival postmark. Sent to Wien (Vienna) Austria. Published by Richter & Co. Napoli Lit. Edit

Item 191369    
Austria Vienna Gloriette Schoenbrunn Palace Garden Bird Old Real Photo Postcard

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. Bird Statue, Arches Door, Lake Garden, Gloriette, Schoenbrunn Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna. Wien. Austria. Published by T.I.C.

Item 190824    
Austria Old Postcard Hotel Sonnblick im Skidorf Hochsoelden Otztaler Alpen Tirol

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. Austria, Hotel Sonnblick im Skidorf Hochsoelden Otztaler Alpen Tirol. Snowy Mountains. Snow. Postally Used with 1.45s stamp. Sent from Hochsoelden to Brough E. Yorks. 1.45s

Item 190809    
Austria Old Real Photo Postcard Kleblealm 1085m Bei Soelden Sölden Mountain Huts

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Photographic Old Postcard. Austria. Kleblealm 1085m Bei Soelden Sölden Mountains. Huts Houses.

Item 188700    
Little Owl Bird 1508 AD Albrecht Duerer Artist Signed Anton Schroll Old Postcard

Vintage Art Drawn Colour Old Postcard. Animal. Beautiful Little Owl Bird, 1508 AD Artist Signed. Albrecht Duerer : Das Kaeuzchen. Quarell aus dem Jahre 1508 (?) (Wien Albertina), In Originalbild- (19'2 x 14cm). erschienen als Albertina-Facsimile - Druck bei Anton Schroll & Co. in Wien. / Albrecht Duerer: The Kaeuzchen. Watercolor from the year 1508 (?) (Vienna Albertina), In original image (19'2 x 14cm). published as Albertina facsimile - printing by Anton Schroll & Co. in Vienna. Published by Anton Schroll & Co. Wien Austria

Item 187171    
Austria Italy, Dolomiti Lago Carezza 1530m Latemar 2846m Dolomiten 1960 Postcard

Early Larger Colour Postcard. Austria, Italy Mountains and Lake. Dolomiti, Lago Carezza m. 1530 con Latemar m. 2846 Dolomiten. Karersee 1530 m. mit Latemar 2846m. Sent to Essex. Published by Joh E.Amonn Bozen

Item 185355    
Austria Old Real Photo Postcard Aus Innsbrucker Hofkirche Knight Statues, Church

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Photographic Old Postcard. Austria. Aus Innsbruck Hofkirche. Church Interior. Published by Photogr. Kunstverlag A. Stockhammer Hall Tirol 1921

Item 179216    
Chamois Chamoix Animals, Mountains, Austria 1904 Old ART Postcard Happy New Year

Vintage Old Colour Picture Postcard, Chamoix Chamois, Animals, Mountains. Herzliche Neujahr - Glückwünsche. Greetings. Happy New Year - Congratulations. Postally Used in 1904 with Austrian stamp. Published by K. & B. D. Neujahrsserie

Item 175930    
Austria Innsbruck Pension Unterberger Templstrasse Old Real Photo Postcard Hotel

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Picture Postcard. Austria Innsbruck. Pension Unterberger Templstrasse 8. Telefon 2458. Published by T KV

Item 173583    
Austria Innsbruck Rennweg Street Scene Mountains City Theatre 1934 Old Postcard

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Picture Postcard. Austria Innsbruck. Arched Gate. Street Scene, Snowy Mountains. Durchblick durch den Hofuurgbogen auf Rennweg, Stadttheater und Hungerburg. City Theatre. Postally Used with Austrian 5c & 30c stamps. 5c 30c
Published by Alpiner Kunstverlag, Wilhelm Stempfle, Innsbruck

Item 173506    
Austria Innsbrucker mit Nordkette Snowy Mountains Clouds Old Real Photo Postcard

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Picture Postcard. Austria Innsbruck. Innsbrucker. Innsbrucker mit Nordkette, Snowy Mountains, Clouds, Church Tower. Published by KTV

Item 173505    
Austria Tyrol Old Real Photo Postcard Fulpmes im Stubai mit Ampferstein u. Halsl

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Picture Postcard, Austria, Fulpmes im Stubai 940m. mit Ampferstein u. Halsl. Mountains. Panorama. General View. Published by KTV

Item 173281    
MABEL LUCIE ATTWELL Austria 1930 Old Postcard Girl Wardrobe Dresses Clothes 2543

Vintage Valentine's Artist Signed Old Art Drawn Colour Picture Post card, 1930. Comic Humour. Genuine Mabel Lucie Attwell Postcards Have the Artist's Signature thus. Children, Little Girl, Wardrobe, Dresses, Clothes. Caption in German : Die Moderne Frau. Niemals etwas anzuziehen. The Modern Woman. Never give anything to attract. No. 2543 Postally Used in 1930 with Austrian 10c stamp, tied Bregenz (Austria). Sent from Bregenz. 10pf
Published by Wohlgemuth & Lissner

Item 172871    
Austria TIROL Multiview Postcard Gaschurn Silvrettasee Hotel Kappl Ischgl Galtur

Larger Colour Multiview Postcard. Austria TIROL, Gaschurn, Partenen, Silvrettasee Hotel, Kappl, Ischgl, Galtur, Vermunt-Stausee, Lake, Mountains, Coat of Arms, Cable-car. Aerial Tramway. Kops-Zeinis-Joch-Haus. Oesterreich-Sommerfrische Europas.

Item 172369    
Austria Tyrol Old RP Postcard Fulpmes im Stubai, Prohnebeau Ampferstein Panorama

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Picture Postcard, Austria, Fulpmes im Stubai 940m. gegen Prohnebeau u. Ampferstein. Mountains. Published by KTV

Item 172367    
Austria Innsbruck Rennweg, Street Scene, Snowy Mountain, Theatre Old RP Postcard

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Picture Postcard. Austria Innsbruck. Arched Gate. Street Scene, Snowy Mountains. City Theatre. Published by KTV

Item 168795    
Leopold Kramer Deutsches Volkstheater Austria stage Film Actor 1909 Old Postcard

Vintage Old Picture Postcard. Deutsches Volkstheater, Leopold Kramer (1869–1942) was an Austrian stage and film actor. 5h
The Volkstheater in Vienna (roughly translated as "People's Theatre") was founded in 1889 by request of the citizens of Vienna, amongst them the dramatist Ludwig Anzengruber and the furniture manufacturer Thonet, in order to offer a popular counter weight to the Hofburgtheater. It was erected according to designs by Ferdinand Fellner and Hermann Helmer, who attempted to reconcile their plans with historicism. It is located in Neubau, the seventh district of Vienna.
Published by A.S.W. Serie Wiener Lieblinge Eec. Ch. Scolik Wien VIII

Item 168762    
Austria Vienna Last Horse Cart Tram Wiener Tramway Wien 28 Jan 1902 Old Postcard

Vintage Old Postcard. Austria, Der letzte Pferdewagen der Wiener Tramway. Horse. Decorated Festooned Vehicle Tram. 28 Jaenner 1902. The last horse cart the Vienna Tramway. Festooned Vehicle. Celebration. Celebrating The Last Horse Drawn Tram. Published by B.K.W.I.

Item 166398    
Kaiser Franz Josef Jaeger Hunter Bad Ischl Dachstein Robert Schiffer 1915 P.Card

Colour Larger Art Artist Drawn Postcard. Austria. Kaiser Franz Josef als Jäger, im Hintergrund Bad Ischl und Dachstein, Ölbild von Robert Schiffer 1915, im Besitz des Ischler Heimatmuseums. / Emperor Franz Joseph as a hunter, in the background Bad Ischl and the Dachstein, oil painting by Robert Schiffer 1915, owned by the Museum of National History Ischler. Published by David-GRuendler

Item 163909    
Austria Grossglockner 3798m Pasterze Glacer Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Haus Old Postcard

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Photographic Old Postcard. Austria - Grossglockner 3798m mit Pasterze. Glacer, Snowy Mountains. (Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Haus an der Franz-Josef-Hoehe 2422m am Fusse des Grossglockners). Großglockner (German for Big Bell), with a height of 3798 m above sea level is Austria's highest mountain. It lies on the boundary between Carinthia and the East Tyrol and is the highest peak in the Glockner group, a group of mountains along the main ridge of the Hohe Tauern.
Published by Aufnahme mit Zeiss-Objektiv Verlag Schildknecht Graz

Item 162052    
Austria Old Postcard Radstadt Radstaedter Tauern Seekarspitze m Seekarhaus 2348m

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. Austria, Radstadt Tauern, Radstaedter Tauern. Seekarspitze m. Seekarhaus 2348m. Snowy Mountains.

Item 161768    
Gruss aus Wien Austria 5k Kreuzer stamp 1898 Old UB Postcard K.u.k. Hofburg 1017

Vintage Old Undivided Back Postcard. Austria, Gruss aus Wien. K.u.k. Hofburg 1017 Building. Postally Used in 1898 with 5k Kreuzer stamp. Sent from Wien to Budapest. 5k

Item 160450    
Dachshund German Sausage Dog Puppy Pet Plate Austria 30g Old Real Photo Postcard

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. Pets. Pet Animals. Dachshund German Sausage Dogs Puppies. Dog Puppy. Sausage on Plate, Dish. Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt. Only he who knows longing. Postally Used with Austria 30g stamp. Sent from Austria. 30g
Published by P. Ledermann Wien I. Fleischmarkt 20

Item 160444    
Dachshund German Sausage Dogs Puppies 1933 Old Real Photo Postcard 12c Traunsee

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. Pets. Pet Animals. Dachshund German Sausage Dog Puppy. Dogs. Puppies. Mei Ruah will i haben! ("I want it to be quiet!"). Postally Used with Austria Oesterreich 12c Traunsee stamp. Sent from Wien. 12c Traunsee
Published by Maxweisz 834 98

Item 154041    
Silhouette Woman & Little Girl Austria Muttertag 1936 Mother's Day Old Postcard

Vintage Art Artist Drawn Postcard, Silhouette, Woman & Little Girl. Flowers. Austria - Muttertag 1936. Mother's Day label on back. Des Mutterschutz werkes Linz 5 Mai 1936 cachet. Published by Adalbert Mayrhofer Kierling bei Wien

Item 150830    
Austria Garment from Carinthia Das Kärntner Gwandl Hat Costumes Old Art Postcar

Early Larger Colour Picture Post card, Art Artist Drawn. 3 Gentlemen. Men, wearing Hats. Das Kärntner Gwandl (Garment from Carinthia). Published by Buch und Kunstdruckerei Joh. Leon sen. Klagenfurt.