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Item 198911    
India Old Tuck's Oilette Postcard Statue Memorial Well, Cawnpore Angel and Cross

Vintage Tuck's Oilette At Artist Drawn Colour British Indian Old Picture Post Card, India, The Statue, Memorial Well, CAWNPORE. Angel & Cross. Sacred to the perpetual memory of a great company of Christian people, chiefly women and children, who near this spot were cruelly murdered and cast, the dying with the dead, into the well below, on the 15th day of July 1857. Pure white marble statue of an angel, by Marochetti, with arms folded in resignation, each hand bearing a palm as an emblem of peace. Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons. Wide Wide World Cawnpore

Item 197916    
Rhodesia BULAWAYO Old U.B. Postcard Cecil Rhodes Rhodes' Grave Matopo Hill Rocks

Vintage Old Undivided Back Postcard. South Africa. Rhodes' Grave is the principal object of interest to visitors to Rhodesia's Valhalla, the World's View at Matopo. On the summit of this hill, in the neighbourhood of some massive natural boulders, lies the tombs of the founder of the country. The Shanghai Memorial is an immense monument 33 feet high which marks the last resting place of Major Alan Wilson and his gallant comrades.

Item 197901    
China Old Postcard Shanghai Chinese Village, Sampans, Arched Bridge, River Creek

Vintage Colour Old Picture Post card. China, Ethnic Life. Shanghai, Native Sampan Boats Boating. Arch Arched Bridge over River Scene, Creek. Sampans. Houses. Published by Chrom Edit Kingshill Shanghai

Item 197900    
China Old Postcard Chinese Country View Pagoda Temple River Native Boat Shanghai

Vintage Colour Chinese Old Picture Postcard, China, Chinese Country View, Panorama General View showing River Scene, Pagoda Temple & Native Boat. Shanghai. Published by Chrom Edit Kingshill Shanghai

Item 197792    
India Old Postcard Snowdon and The Mashobra Ridge, Simla Shimla, Mountains Hills

Vintage British Indian Old Postcard, India, Snowdon and The Mashobra Ridge, Simla Shimla. Mountains. Hills. Panorama. Shimla (शिमला) is the capital of Himachal Pradesh and a popular hill station in North India. Shimla is historically significant for being the summer capital of India during the British rule, when it was called "Simla."
Published by Photo Johnston & Hoffmann

Item 197740    
India Old Tuck's Oilette Postcard Hooseinabad Gateway Lucknow Gateway Gate Gates

Vintage British Indian Tuck's Oilette Art Artist Drawn Postcard. India, Horse Cart. Hooseinabad Gateway - Lucknow. Gate to the tomb of Muhammad Ali Shah, who erected here his own tomb in 1837. The florid excess of stucco ornamentation is but one sign of the decay of Indian architecture in modern days. Lucknow is the capital city of the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.
Published by Raphael Tuck & Son Oilette Wide Wide World Lucknow

Item 197739    
India Old Tuck's Oilette Postcard The Bailley Guard Gate, Lucknow, by Major 1814

Vintage Colour Art Artist Drawn Tuck's Oilette Old Picture Post Card, British Indian. India, The Bailley Guard Gate, Lucknow. / Held by Lieutenant Aitken during the defence of the Residency. Here fifteen to twenty defenders were killed daily. From Johanne's house opposite an African known as "Bob, the Nailer," fired incessantly and never missed a shot. / Built by Major Bailley in 1814. The centre gateway was built up during the Mutiny, and through a space left open Havelock and Outram passed for the defence of the Residency. The house of Dr. Fayrer, where sir Henry Lawrence died, is within the gateway to the left. Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons Oilette Wide Wide World Lucknow

Item 197731    
India Old Colour Postcard Lower Bungalows & Bazar Kailana Chakrata, Street Hills

Vintage Old British Indian Colour Postcard. India, Lower Bungalows & Bazar Kailana, Chakrata. Hills Mountains. Road Street Scene. Published by Moorli Dhur & Sons, Ambala

Item 197728    
India KE7 1a. Kapurthala 1907 Old Postcard Lucknow Gate of Hosanabad Hooseinabad

Vintage British Indian Old Colour Undivided Back Postcard. India, The Hooseinabad Bazaar Gate, Bazar Gates. Lucknow Gate. Hosanabad. Gate of Hosanabad Hooseinabad and Street Scene. Postally Used in 1907 with King Edward 7th 1a stamp, tied Kapurthala. Sea Post Office. Sent from Kapurthala to London. KE7 1a
Lucknow is the capital city of the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.
Published by D. Macropolo & Co. Tobacconists, Calcutta

Item 197035    
India Old Postcard Indian Ruling Princes H.H. Maharaja Indore Nizam of Hyderabad

Vintage Old British Indian Colour Art Artist Drawn Post Card. India. Ethnic Life. Royalty. Ruling Princes of India. Native Men and Woman, Palm Trees. Costumes H.H. The Maharaja of Bikanir, H.H. The Maharaja of Idar, H.H. The Maharaja of Indore, H.H. The Nizam of Hyderabad. H.H. The Maharaja of Nepaul. H.H. The Maharaja of Balrampur. Published by A. Vivian Mansell & Co. Ruling Princes of India. Series

Item 196915    
India M. Artist Signed Old Postcard The Fort Agra Fortress General View Panorama

Vintage Art Drawn Old Colour British Indian Postcard, India, M. Artist Signed. The Fort, Agra, Fortress, General View Panorama. Published by The Calcutta Phototype Co.

Item 196791    
Singapore HMS WW1 Passed By Censored 1916 Old Hand Tinted Postcard Malay Village

Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Old Postcard. Straits Settlements Malaya. Singapore. Malay Village, Native Houses, Roads, Boys, Ethnic Life. Panorama. Postally Used in 1916 WW1 First World War Period with Passed By Censor on back. HMS. Great Britain King George 5th 1d stamp. Sent from London to Torquay Devon. KG5 1d

Item 196790    
Singapore Old Hand Tinted Postcard The Esplanade Tree-Lined Street Scene No. 54

Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Old Postcard. Malay Straits Settlements Malaya Singapore. Trees, Tree-lined Street Scene, The Esplanade.

Item 196789    
Singapore WW1 O.A.S. Received from H.M. Ship 1916 Old Postcard Brass Bassah Road

Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Old Picture Postcard, Straits Settlements Malaya Malay Singapore. Ethnic Life. Brass Bassah Road Street Scene. Rickshaw and Coolie. Sunset. Military. Postally Used in 1916 First World War WW1 Period On Active Service OAS : Received From H.M. Ship No Charge To Be Raised.

Item 196788    
Singapore WW1 Passed By Censor KG5 1916 Old Hand Tinted Postcard Native Cemetery

Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Old Postcard, Straits Settlements Malaya Malay. Singapore - Palm Trees, Tombs, Graves. Trees. Road, Path. Native Cemetery. Postally Used in 1916 with Great Britain King George 5th 1/2d stamp, London, Passed by Censor. Censored. WW1 Period. Sent from London to Devon Torquay. GB KGV 1/2d

Item 196787    
Singapore Old Hand Tinted Postcard Malay Tea House Teahouse Houses Huts Cart 74.

Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Old Picture Postcard. Straits Settlements Malaya Malay. Trees. Huts. Houses. Carts. Malay Tea House Teahouse. Singapore.

Item 196786    
Singapore Old Hand Tinted Postcard Anderson Bridge Street Scene, Rickshaw Coolie

Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Old Postcard. Malaya Malay Straits Settlements. Singapore. Ethnic Life. Street Scene, Rickshaw & Coolie. Horse Carts. Anderson Bridge.

Item 196785    
Singapore 1916 Old Hand Tinted Postcard Para Rubber Plantation Trees Malaya N.48

Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Old post card, Malaya Malay Straits Settlements. Para Rubber Trees. Para Rubber Plantation. Singapore. 28.5.16. 1916.

Item 196784    
Singapore Old Hand Tinted Postcard Street Scene in Tanglia Rickshaw Coolie Palms

Vintage Old Hand Tinted Colour Postcard. Singapore Malaya Malay Straits Settlements. A Street Scene in TANGLIA, Coolie & Rickshaw. Palm Trees.

Item 196413    
Singapore Old Tuck's Oilette Postcard St. Andrew's Cathedral Sir Raffle's Statue

Vintage Old Tuck's Oilette Postcard. Singapore Malaya Malay Straits Settlements. Monument Statue of Sir Stamford Raffle. Saint St. Andrew's Cathedral Church. Singapore - St. Andrew's Cathedral. Singapore possesses few buildings of any note, but Government House, the Law Courts, the General Post Office and in the foreground is to Sir Stamford Raffles, who first occupied the colony in 1819 on behalf of the East India Company. Sir Stamford Raffles' Statue was sculpted by Thomas Woolner. It was installed on Jubilee Day on 27 June 1887 at the Padang. Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons Oilette Wide Wide World Singapore

Item 196411    
China 1909 Old Hand Tinted Postcard Iltis Monument Shanghai Bund Dragons Harbour

Vintage Chinese Old Colour Hand Tinted Postcard, China, Iltis Jltis Monument on The Bund of Shanghai. Memorial. Dragon Dragons. Postally Used in 1909 with Great Britain King Edward 7th 1/2d stamp, tied Devonport. Sent from Devonport to Cowes I.O.W.. GB KE7 1/2d
Published by Edit. Kingshill

Item 196290    
Hong Kong Old Postcard Hongkong Shanghai Bank Beconsfield Acade Street Scene 349

Vintage Colour Old Postcard. Hong Kong China. Street Scene, Palm Trees, Rickshaw & Coolie, Broomsticks. Dustpans. Hongkong Shanghai Bank, Beconsfield Acade, Hongkong. Street Scene.

Item 196287    
China Old Colour Postcard Shanghai Whampoa Road Street Scene Horse Cart Chinaman

Vintage Old Colour Old post card, Ethnic Life. Chinese Street Scene, Ethnic Life, China. Shanghai, Whampoa Road, Horses Drawn Carts. Qing Dynasty. Horse Rider. Chinaman. Men. Published by M. Sternberg Hongkong

Item 196286    
Malaya Old Malay Woman, Roadside Seller, House on Stilts Old Real Photo Postcard

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Photographic Old Postcard. Malay Malaya Straits Settlements. Singapore, Ethnic Life. Old Malay Woman, Roadside Seller Vendor. Native House on Stilts in background. Published by The Federal Rubber Stamp Co. S.S. & F.M.S.

Item 196282    
Singapore Old Postcard SOUTH BRIDGE ROAD Boulevard Pont Sud TRAM Tramway Temple

Vintage Old Postcard. Straits Settlements Malaya Malay Singapore. South Bridge Road, Street Scene, Hindu Temple. Singapour - Boulevard du Pont Sud. Tram, Tramway. Published by The Continental Stamp Company Singapore

Item 196281    
Singapore Old Postcard Entrance of The Reservoir Palm Trees Lamps and Sign Board

Vintage Old Postcard. Singapore Straits Settlements Malaya Malay. Palm Trees. Entrance of the Reservoir. Entrance Gate. Lamps. Sign Board.

Item 196279    
Singapore FMS 1c Old Postcard Steam Ship Discharging Coals Native Worker Coolies

Vintage Old post card, Ethnic Life. Straits Settlements Malaya Malay Singapore. Ethnic Life. Steamer, Steam Ship Discharging Coals, Native Coal Workers Coolies at Work, Carrying Baskets. Postally Used with F.M.S. Federated Malay States Tiger 1c stamp, tied Singapore. FMS 1c Tiger
Published by G.R. Lambert & Co. Singapore

Item 196278    
China Old Postcard Hong Kong Hongkong & Shanghai Bank Street Scene Toyo Murakami

Vintage Old Postcard. China. Chinese. Shanghai, Hong Kong Hongkong & Shanghai Bank, Street Scene, Vintage Motor Cars. Published by Toyo Murakami Shanghai Palace Hotel Building Crane Bird trademark

Item 196274    
China Old Colour Postcard The Bund in Front of Shanghai Club TRAM Tramway Street

Vintage Old Colour Chinese Postcard. China. The Bund In Front of Shanghai Club, Street Scene. TRAM Tramway, Flag. Rickshaw & Coolies. Published by Chrom. Edit Kingshill Shanghai

Item 196273    
Singapore Old Real Photo Postcard Malay Men carrying Big Giant Long Python Snake

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Photographic Old Postcard, Ethnic Life. Singapore, Straits Settlements Malaya Malay. Men carrying a Big Giant Long Python Snake. Written on back : Natives holding Snake.. etc.