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Item 168391    
Apparatus Airship Lebaudy Leaving Hangar Dock Zeppelin 20 Nov. 1903 Old Postcard

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Picture Postcard. Military. France French Zeppelin Aircraft, The Lebaudy Airship. Appareillage de l'Aeronat LEBAUDY pour sa sortie du 20 Novembre 1903. A 10h. 45', l'Aeronat quitte l'amarrage de la Galerie des Machines. Apparatus of the airship LEBAUDY for its release 20 November 1903. 10 am. 45 ', the airship leaves docking the gallery machines. Crowd. Hangar Dock. Interior. Published by F. Scovell

Item 163019    
Graf Zeppelin Exit of German Airship Hangar, Aircraft Soldiers Old R.P. Postcard

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Picture Postcard. Germany German Airship in Hangar, Aircraft, Ausfahrt des Graf Zeppelin. Exit of the Graf Zeppelin. Group of Soldiers. Military. Rauchen Verboten / No Smoking. Oval commemorative cachet on back : Zur Erinnerung an Den Besuch Zeppelin Luftschiffwerft. (To commemorate the visit Zeppelin airship yard). Lichtbildabteilung Luftschiffbau Zeppelin. Published by Gebr. Metz. Kunstanstalt Tuebingen 152 K56

Item 143875    
Zeppelin Luneville Champ de Mars 1913 Old Postcard German Airship Pilot Bicycles

Vintage Post card. Aviation. Aircraft. German Airship. Balloon. Luneville - Un Zeppelin au Champ de Mars (3 Avril 1913), cote droit. Au premier plan, a gauche, la partie dego flee - Un pilote est a l'observatoire d'avant. Bicycles. A Zeppelin Field of Mars (3 April 1913), right side. In the foreground, left the party dego flee - A driver Pilot is in the front observatory. Bicycles. Published by Cliche Henry

Item 139488    
GRAF ZEPPELIN, LZ 127 AIRSHIP, Munich Muenchner Frauenkirche 28.9. 1928 Postcard

Reproduced Larger Picture Picture Postcard, Germany Muenchner Frauenkirche. Church. Clock Tower Towers. Graf Zeppelin LZ-127 LZ 127 Airship Aircraft ueber Muenchen am 28.9. 1928. Published by Verlag und Bildarchiv Sebastian Winkler

Item 122509    
Zeppelin Airship MAP Breuschtl Donongebiet Old Postcard

Vintage Old Postcard. Zeppelin Airship Aircraft. Westlicher Kriegsschauplatz Breuschtal und Donongebiet. Western theater of war. MAP showing Duerren, Teufelsloch, Urmatt, Grand Fontaine, Albay, N. Saales, Wisch, Hersbach, etc. Published by Kunstverlag Eug Felle Isny Wttbg

Item 121824    
ZEPPELIN Airship Balloon in Air Aircraft Repro Postcard

Reproduction. Not original. Reproduced Postcard. Zeppelin Airship, Balloon. Grafen Zepelin, Graf Zeppelin.