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Item 205147    
Lufthansa Airbus A310 Airplane Aircraft Postcard Length 46,67m, Wing Span 43,90m

Larger Colour Postcard. Lufthansa Airbus A310 Airplane Aircraft. Aviation. Clouds. Length 46,67m. Wing Span 43,90m. Cruising speed 860 km/h. Maximum range 7,520km. Fuel consumption 5,300 l/h.

Item 20713    
Germany Hamburg Berlin 1990 LUFTHANSA First Flight Card

Airmail Erstflug Card LH 407, Airbus A310, Newark - Hamburg - Berlin Schonefeld. 29.10.1990 With stamps 1986 Famous German Women Paula Modersohn-Becker (painter) & 1990 Reunification 50pf German Unity and National Colours. Sent from Hamburg to Berlin (30.10.1990).

Item 20711    
Germany USA Newark 1990 LUFTHANSA First Flight Card

US flags New York World Trade Centre Twin Towers, Airmail Erstflug LH 402, Airbus A310, Frankfurt - Newark. 25.3.1990. With stamps 1986 Famous German Women Emma Ihrer (politician and trade unionist) 5pf & 25 Jahre Jugend Forscht 25th Anniversary of Youth Research Science Competition 100pf Maze. Sent from Frankfurt Am Main to Newark United States.

Item 20683    
Germany 1976 LH 901 A 300 Lufthansa - First Flight Card

Airmail Erstflug LH 901 Airbus A 300, Frankfurt - Dusseldorf. With stamps of 400th Death Anniversary of Hans Sachs (poet and composer) 40pf. Cover pages, from Hans Sachs' Books & 1975 Telecommunication Satellite 5pf. Sent from Frankfurt to Dusseldorf.

Item 20681    
Germany 1976 LH 730 & 726 Lufthansa First Flight Card

Airmail Erstflug LH 730 Airbus A 300, Dusseldorf - Frankfurt. Flug - Nr. geandert in LH 726. With stamps of 400th Death Anniversary of Hans Sachs (poet and composer) 40pf. Cover pages, from Hans Sachs' Books & 1975 Telecommunication Satellite 5pf. Sent from Dusseldorf to Frankfurt Flughafen.

Item 18292    
Germany Phone / Egypt 1978 LUFTHANSA First Flight Cover

Airmail Envelope, Erstflug LH 620, Airbus A 300, Frankfurt - Munchen - Cairo. Wiht stamp from 1977 Centenary of Telephone in Germany. Sent from Munich to Cairo International Airport. 50pf Operator and Switchboard

Item 16241    
Tutankamon Egypt Cairo Frankfurt 1984 Lufthansa LH 539 First Flight Cover A310

Egyptian King Airmail Envelope, Erstflug LH 539, Airbus A310, Sudan, Khartoum - Cairo - Frankfurt. With Sailing Boat 10p Pair of 2 & 55mms Cattle. Sent from Khartoum to Frankfurt Am Main.

Item 16002    
Germany Sylt 1977 Lufthansa D-AIAD First Flight Cover

Envelope, Taufe des Airbus A300 D - AIAD der Lufthansa auf den Namen Westerland / Sylt 5.8.1977, Westerland / Sylt Flughafen. With stamp of Birth Bicentenary of Carl Friedrich Gauss (Mathematician). Plane of Complex Numbers 40pf

Item 5431    
Germany 1976 LH 726 Lufthansa First Flight Satellite 5p

Dusseldorf - Frankfurt Am Main. Airbus A300 Stamps of Hans Sachs 1494 / 1576 & 5pf Satellite. With arrival.

Item 4453    
Germany Zaire 1985 LUFTHANSA First Flight Card Airplane

Airmail Luftpost flight card, LH 556 airbus A300 Frankfurt - Douala - Kinshasa. Addressed to Republique du Zaire, with Kinshasa arrival on reverse.

Item 3544    
Germany Munich 1976 LUFTHANSA Airbus Taufe Flight Cover

Airmail Flight envelope, Lufthansa Airbus Taufe D-AIAA Muenchen Munich - Riem. 6. Mai. 1976. Garmisch - Partenkirchen. Munchen Flughafen 6.5.76. With 1973 stamp Admission of German Federal Republic to U.N. Organization United Nations and German Eagle Emblems 40pf. 40pf