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Item 30649    
Canada Old Postcard ROYAL ALEXANDRA CPR HOTEL Winnipeg

Early Canadian Picture Post card, Royal Alexandria C.P.R. Hotel, Winnipeg. Man. TRAM. Tramways. Published by Valentine

Item 30634    
Algeria Old Postcard ALGIERS Palais d'Ete du Gouverneur

Early Africa Picture Post Card, Alger - Palais d'Ete du Gouverneur, Palm Trees. Flag. Published by Collection Regence A. L. Edit Alger

Item 30249    
Egypt Old Postcard PORT SAID SHIP Entrance to the CANAL

Early Egyptian Picture Post Card, Africa, Port-Said, Flag. Ships, Boats. Entrance to the Canal. Port Said is a northeastern Egyptian city near the Suez Canal, with an approx. population of 500,000.
Published by Cairo Postcard Trust

Item 29910    
ANGOLA Old Real Photo Postcard Trees Mr. Sander's House

Early African Real Photograph Picture Postcard, Africa, Angola - Mr. Sander's House.

Item 29903    
ANGOLA c.1900 Undivided Back Postcard RIO LUINHA River Scene

Undivided Back c1900 Old African Picture Postcard, Africa, Angola - Rio Luinha. Published by Osorio Delgado & Bandeira Loanda Editores

Item 29902    
ANGOLA c1900 Old UB Postcard River Margens do Rio Dande

Undivided Back c.1900 Early African Picture Postcard, Africa, Angola - Margens do Rio Dande. River. Trees. Published by Osorio Delgado & Bandeira Loanda Editores

Item 29877    
ANGOLA Africa c.1900 Old UB Postcard Tumulos Gentilicos

Undivided Back Early African Picture Postcard, Angola - Tumulos Gentilicos. Published by Osorio Delgado & Bandeira Loanda Editores

Item 29468    
Algeria Old Postcard CONSTANTINE - Route de la Corniche

Early Africa B/W Postcard. Constantine, Algerie, Route de la Corniche. Road. Tunnel. DOG. Published by Photo Africaines Alger EPA

Item 29463    
Algeria Old Postcard CONSTANTINE Ethnic - Place Negrier

Africa B/W Postcard. Constantine, Algerie, Un coin de la Place Negrier. Natives. Published by Photo Africaines Alger EPA

Item 29082    
Algeria Old Postcard CONSTANTINE La Rue National Street

Early Real Photo Postcard. Africa Constantine, Algeria - Entree de la Rue Nationale. Shopfront. Sister. Published by Coll. Ideale P.S.

Item 28513    
Morocco L.L. 210 Old Postcard TANGER View from MARSHAN

Early Hand Tinted Colour Postcard. Tangier, Africa. Vue Prise du Marshan. General View. Published by Louis Levy

Item 28364    
Tunisia Old Postcard FERRYVILLE, Town Hall, Bicycle, Horse Drawn Cart, Africa

Vintage Old Postcard. Tunisia, Ferryville - Hotel de Ville. Horse Drawn Cart. Bicycle. Published by Collection H. Hanson

Item 28359    
South Africa Old Postcard CALEDON RIVER Wild Flower Reserve Veldblomtuin

Early Colour Postcard. Wild Flower Reserve - Caledon S.A. - Veldblomtuin. South Africa. Yellow Flowers. Published by N.H.D.

Item 28347    
Morocco Africa Old Postcard - FEDHALA Mohammedia CLIFFS

Old B/W Postcard. Fedhala - Les Falaises - The Cliffs. Published by La Gigogne

Item 28154    
Morocco Old Postcard CASABLANCA SHIPS Squadron HARBOUR

Early Africa SHIPPING Picture Postcard. Casablanca (Maroc), Ships, Boats. L'Escadre dans le Port, Squadron in the harbour. Published by Photo Flandrin MARS

Item 27943    
South Africa Trekking c1900 Old Postcard Cattles

Early Africa, Colour Tinted Picture Postcard, Animals. Trekking in South Africa. Published by Hallis and Co. Port Elizabeth

Item 27554    
NATAL National Park Old PPC Devil's Tooth Tugela Gorge

South Africa Early Hand Tinted Colour Real Photo Picture Postcard. Mountains, Rocks. Natal National Park. Sent to Hampshire. Published by N.A.P.C. Cape Town Newman Art Publishing Co.

Item 27483    
Algeria ALGER Old Postcard - General View de l'Amiraute

Africa Early Picture Postcard, Vue Generale prise de l'Amiraute. Harbour, Boats, Ships. Published by Edit. A. F.

Item 25498    
EGYPT Old Real Photo Postcard Cairo The ENGLISH BRIDGE

Early Black and White Real Photograph Picture Postcard. River. English Bridge.

Item 25201    
EGYPT 1938 Old Real Photo Postcard Village on the Nile

Early Black and White Real Photograph Picture Postcard. Village on the Nile, March 1938.

Item 25189    
Egypt Old Postcard Pier Ships Boat Port Said LIGHTHOUSE

Early Egyptian Post Card. Coloured. Ships, Boats. Harbour. Published by Lichtenstern & Harari Cairo

Item 24445    
Egypt L.L. 69 Old Postcard Port Said General View SHIPS

Early B/W Postcard. Panorama. Vue Generale sur la Ville et le Canal. LL. Published by S. Levy & Cie Alexandrie

Item 24070    
Egypt Old B/W Postcard CAIRO Ethnic Arab Street Scene

Old B/W Postcard. Cairo - Arab Street Scene. Published by L. C.

Item 23840    
Algeria Old Real Photo Postcard - TIMGAD - General View

Africa Early Real Photograph PPC, Ruines Romaines de TIMGAD. Vue generale. Timgad (called Thamugas by the Romans) was a Roman colonial town in North Africa founded by the Emperor Trajan around 100 CE. The ruins are noteworthy for being one of the best extant examples of the grid plan as used in Roman city planning. The ruins of the town are located in modern-day Algeria, about 35 km from the town of Batna.
Published by La Cigogne Alger

Item 21175    
Morocco Bogota 1975 LUFTHANSA FIRST FLIGHT Cover Hassan

South America map & Airplane tail Illustrated Airmail Erstflug Envelope. Royaume Du Maroc, Lufthansa Erstflug LH 516, Boeing 707, 2.4.1975. Frankfurt - Casablanca - Caracas - Bogota, with stamps from 1968 King Hassan 40f & 30f. Sent from Casablanca to Eldorado Airport.

Item 20045    
Egypt Old Colour Postcard Yarre Passant le Kilometre 14

Early Coloured Postcard. Yarre - Passant le Kilometre. Steamer Boat, Ship, Egypt. Published by D.J.L.

Item 17652    
Algeria Postcard ALGIERS La Mosquee de Sidi Abderhaman

Old PPC, Alger - La Mosquee de Sidi Abderhaman.

Item 17632    
Algeria Old Coloured Postcard ALGIERS La Prefecture

Alger - La Prefecture. Published by Collection Ideale P.S.

Item 16323    
Tunis Belgium 1965 SABENA Caravelle First Flight Cover

City View, Sun & Airplane illustrated Airmail Envelope, Sabena Belgian World Airlines & Caravelle Jet Continental, Tunis Tunisia - Bruxelles 1.11.1965, with stamp of 1962 Republic Festival Regional Costumes. Sent from Tunis to Bruxelles Belgique. 55m Ksar Hellal Woman
Belgian Sabena airline company had gone bankrupt after 911. (2001)

Item 16270    
AFRICA Old Photo Postcard Small Village Mountains Huts

Africa. Mountains.